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Legends of Metru Nui Micro Site
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The Legends of Metru Nui Micro Site was the official website for the second BIONICLE Movie, BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui. The site included details of the movie's plot, characters, locations and others.

The Site

The front page of the site was simple. It had a moving slide show of pictures from the movie stationed at the middle of the page. During the time before the release of the movie, a count-down was placed on the top of the page, which was then replaced by the words "Out Now". To the right of the page, there was a section where viewers could order the DVD.

The Synopsis section


The synopsis section of the website featured a short synopsis which details the movie. Three pictures were constantly played through a slideshow situated to the left of the synopsis.

The Denizens section

The Denizens

The Denizens section of the site featured images and short biographies of the major characters in the movie. These included the six Toa Metru, Toa Mangai Lhikan, Turaga Dume and a Nivawk, the two Dark Hunters Krekka and Nidhiki, and a page generalizing the Vahki squads.

The City section

The City

The City section of the site featured images and details of certain landmarks of Metru Nui. Amongst the locations listed were the Great Temple, Coliseum, Po-Metru and the Canyon of Unending Whispers.

DVD Bonus Content

The "DVD Bonus Content" briefed on the bonus features included on the movie DVD, such as the production journal, Metru Nui Explorer and an exclusive video in which members of the storyline team answers fan questions. It also included details for the technical specifications of the DVD.


Clicking on the "Trailer" link opened up a window where the trailer for the movie is played.

"Order Now"

The "Order Now" link redirected the viewer to a page on LEGO Shop@Home, where the viewer could purchase the DVD online.

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