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Years released 2001-2010, 2015-2016

BIONICLE has been promoted with the use of online Websites throughout its run. The main website,, was launched in 2001 to promote the line. The website would be updated throughout the year with the product launches and cover story material before being rebooted annually for the new releases. Several offshoots and related websites were also released, notably, a story focused companion website that hosted the web serials and served as a hub for biographies and other related information.

LEGO has also utilized numerous Microsites, occasionally hosted by other companies, when distributing specialized types of media.

List of Websites

Desktop toys

An example of the desk toys

One early feature of the websites were downloadable Desktop Toys, animated screenmates that moved around your desktop screen. These programs included Takua, Tahu and Bohrok.


Official desktop wallpaper was also released through websites.[1]

Social Media



The BIONICLE Facebook page was an official account dedicated to promoting the second generation of BIONICLE.

Throughout 2015, the page promoted the BIONICLE Webisodes, featuring advertisements for different episodes of the show. The page also featured posts demonstrating the design process for new elements, displaying the Toa sets in brick-built environments for them, alternate BIONICLE builds from the set design team, and advertising the new waves. During the run of the BIONICLE Mask Hunt, the Facebook page heavily promoted it and advertised different entries submitted by fans weekly. Later in the year, the account made monthly posts about specific elements, sharing concept art, details on elements and designer builds as inspiration for fans to share their models, artwork or other creations.

In 2016 as BIONICLE: The Journey to One approached, the account frequently posted character promos, character spots, concept art, trailers, and posters relating to the series. The page also featured more concept art from Matt Betteker produced for the show and for the line as a whole. Following the cancellation of the series, the Facebook page promoted The Makuta Challenge, changing its profile picture and banner to reflect it. The page also advertised The Art of LEGO BIONICLE.

As the year drew to a close, the Facebook page made two last posts. The first of these featured a Christmas illustration by Matt Betteker as his final piece of art for the brand. The second of these, the final post on May 21, 2017, was an illustration of five of the Toa roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over Tahu. This was drawn in the style of the BIONICLE Webisodes with the post mentioning that the story was ending in the 2D animation style that began G2.


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