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Web of Shadows Micro Site
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Type Official promotion site
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The Web of Shadows Micro Site was the official website for the third BIONICLE Movie, BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows. The site followed the same format as its predecessor, the Legends of Metru Nui Micro Site.

The Site

The front page of the site featured a slideshow of images from the movie. It also had a section to the right which allowed viewers to order the movie.

"The Movie" section

The Movie

Similar to the "Legends of Metru Nui Micro Site", "The Movie" section of the site featured a synopsis of the movie. However, unlike its predecessor, this synopsis was longer and covered more details of the movie.

"The Characters" section

The Characters

"The Characters" section of the site featured pictures and short biographies of the major characters in the movie. These included the six Toa Hordika, Keetongu, Roodaka, Sidorak, a page generalizing the Visorak and another for the Rahaga, and an individual page for Norik.

"The Locations" section


"The Locations" section of the site featured images and details of the six districts of Metru Nui in its ruined state. Upon selecting a district, the viewer could learn about the situation in which the districts were in after the Great Cataclysm.

DVD Bonus Content

The "DVD Bonus Content" page included the synopsis from the back of the DVD box, details for the technical specifications, and details of the bonus features included on the CD.


The "Trailer" page allowed the viewer to view the trailer for the movie in four different formats: High/low quality Quicktime and high/low quality Windows Media versions.

"Order Now"

The "Order Now" link redirected the viewer to a page on LEGO Shop@Home, where the viewer could purchase the DVD online.

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