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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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The Mata Nui Online Game Walkthrough on the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki is a Saga Guide of sorts within itself. This is an in-depth, chapter-by-chapter posting of the game, designed to help you figure out where to go or what to do, or to re-read the adventure of Takua and his adventures within the Quest of the Toa. The content comes from the official Walkthrough which was downloadable on the MNOLG page in the Kanoka Club. It was written by Mark Durham of[1] As such, the content itself is official. None of the content has been modified by the BIONICLEsector01 editors.

Note that, due to the flexible play structure of the Mata Nui Online Game, the chapter numbers of the walkthrough do not match up with the chapters in-game. Specifically, the game lists Ta-Koro as Chapter 2 and Ga-Koro as Chapter 3. This reflects the order in which the game's content was released. However, the player explores Ga-Koro in Chapter 2 of this walkthrough while Ta-Koro is visited in Chapter 3. The game can be played in either order.

Links to Chapters

Chapter 1: The Beach
Chapter 2: Ga-Koro
Chapter 3: Ta-Koro
Chapter 4: Po-Koro
Chapter 5: Onu-Koro
Chapter 6: Le-Koro
Chapter 7: Ko-Koro
Chapter 8: The Alliance
Chapter 9: Kini-Nui & Mangaia


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