Discover the power of the Golden Masks!

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Discover the power of the Golden Masks! was an article on LEGO's Club website, focusing on the Golden Masks of Power. The article ended with a poll requesting readers to vote for their favorite element.

Discover The Power Of The Golden Masks!

Can The Toa Use Their Power To Save Okoto?

The Island of Okoto and its inhabitants, the islanders, are threatened by an ancient evil, Makuta, the Mask Hoarder. Inspired by a prophecy, the Protectors use the Mask of Time to summon help.

Six heroes land on the island from the sky...The Toa had arrived!

Each of these heroes is a master of one of the six elements... Fire, Water, Earth, Jungle, Ice and Stone. The heart of their elemental control is their mask. But legend tells of the Golden Masks, sources of even greater power, which were scattered over the Island and now lie hidden.

The Toa must find them before the wicked Makuta and use their strength to defeat him!

The Golden Mask of Fire is destined for Tao [sic] Tahu, the Master of Fire. He uses his flame power to wield his two fire blades, before forging a Lava Surfboard from their parts. Imagine what he could do with his Golden Mask!The Golden Mask of Ice is ordained for Kopaka, the Master of Ice. The freezing power at his command creates an invincible frost shield that he can melt into avalanche skis at will. The Golden Mask will complete his skills!Onua the Master of Earth is seeking the golden Mask of Earth to add to his strength. He may need to delve deep underground with his turbo shovellers and use his power to create the earthquake hammer from their blades.The Golden Mask of the Jungle will power-up the abilities of Toa Lewa, Jungle Master. He can already turn his X-Glider into duel battle axes but with the golden Mask he can channel the regenerating resilience of the forest!Pohatu, Master of Stone can also take to the air using his Jeterangs. He can use the powers of stone - ageless, dense and unbreakable – to form two Stormerang weapons. With his Golden Mask of Stone, anything is possible!Finally, Gali Master of Water hunts her Golden Mask using her shark fins and harpoon, the weapons of the ocean. Water cannot be broken and always finds a way through. What else could Gali achieve with that power?

So Which Elemental Mask Would You Wear?

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