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BIONICLE Nuvapedia (better known simply as Nuvapedia, or under their former name Nuva Independent Encyclopedia or NIE) is a French BIONICLE wiki, which is partnered with BIONICLEsector01.


Nuvapedia began as an encyclopedic blog called BIONICLE Blog News, Informations, and Encyclopedy by Exo-6. As the blog gained popularity, Exo-6 opened a discussion forum: the BIONICLE Forum NIE, eventually renamed BIONICLE Universe. The original blog faded as activity on the forum grew, but it was reborn in January 2009 on its own forum as the Nouvelle Institution Encyclopédique, with Zeuboss as its administrator. The NIE began partnering with other French BIONICLE encyclopedias and blogs as a way to help create common serial translations as well as an integrated set Database from the BIONICLE Legends forum. Despite these advances, NIE was not able to keep up with the accumulating storyline or complete pages with information from previous years. In 2010, the BIONICLE Universe forums became BIONIFIGS while NIE adopted its current name of Nuva Independent Encyclopedia. Eventually, in mid-2011, a decision was made to let NIE exclusively handle storyline information, and ties between the two sites were somewhat loosened to allow both this, and NIE's transition to a style based heavily on BIONICLESector01. In 2012 they began to move their content to the mediawiki platform with BIONIFIGS supporting their hosting costs. In late 2014, NIE opened up a partnership with the BIONICLESector01 Wiki, with inter-wiki links being set up to allow readers to view common pages in either French or English.

Staff History

Main Administrator

  • Exo-6 [20 May 2006–11 January 2009]
  • Zeuboss [11 January 2009–28 March 2011]
  • Ackar1034 [28 March 2011–3 July 2011]
  • maxim21 [3 July 2011 - 27 September 2013]
  • Reaper [27 September 2013–present]


  • Exo-6 [11 January 2009–3 July 2011]
  • Zeuboss [28 March 2011–3 July 2011]
  • Ackar1034 [23 October 2010–28 March 2011]
  • Reaper [12 August 2011–27 September 2013]
  • Du7734 [January 2012–present]
  • Toa Leewan [June 2010–3 July 2011]
  • Exo-Bat [29 November 2009–3 July 2011]
  • Loserkiller [7 June 2009–3 July 2011]


  • maxim21 [27 September 2013–present]
  • Exo-6 [3 July 2011–present]
  • Loserkiller [3 July 2011–present]


  • Pages on Nuvapedia can be directly linked by using the following format:[[:fr:PAGENAME|OPTIONALPAGETITLE]].

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