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"Overall I highly recommend the KJ, even to fans like me who have fallen by the wayside in Bionicle (Mata Nui... when the heck did that happen?)."
— ~Lewa Arkhan

KanohiJournal August 2011.png
Type eMagazine (formerly), Publications Entity
Managers Plast! Productions Executive Management, MNI Executive Management

The KanohiJournal was the largest BIONICLE English electronic magazine before its closure in 2013.


The KanohiJournal was originally a part of BIONICLEsector01. It was founded by two members, Bioran23 and Aoran, the original intention being to create a monthly magazine based on Adobe's PDF format. The composed magazine would then be released to the public, with the goal of enhancing the quality of entertainment in the BIONICLE fandom.

Initial Editions

The initial editions of the KanohiJournal were simple, featuring a wooden background with the word "BIONICLE" in stylized font, and a number of articles such as "Random User Spotlight". It also included a "Booklet of Goodies", where downloads and other miscellaneous items were offered.

Two months after its initial release, the KanohiJournal began publishing for the BZPower community, and split from BIONICLESector01 to become an independent organization.


The magazine was given a new layout and revamped with the magazine's third edition. The new layout was cleaner, more streamlined and modern, with spaces for advertisements from the BZPower populace. More article selections became available, along with a series of new stories written by ~Lewa Arkhan, which would later be titled as the "Tales of Colossa".

Second Redesign

Upon the release of the 10th edition, a new design of the magazine was presented. The new design was similar to the previous version, but the black background and sidebars were removed in favour of a clean, light and sleek background.


With the release of the 11th KanohiJournal edition, it was decided that the magazine would no longer be published and released in PDF format. Instead, the magazine was to fuse with its website,, to create a single electronic magazine, or e-magazine, where readers could view articles directly on the site and voice their opinions directly.

The restructuring was completed in September 2009, and kicked-off with the release of KanohiJournal Storyline Contest #2: Surel Artwork.

Third Redesign

The KanohiJournal was redesigned upon the completion of the latest version of its content management platform. The design, was much more streamlined and clean than all its previous versions. A larger slider was located at the top for the display of special materials.

With the release of the new KanohiJournal, two companion services were also released. They were KANOHI.novus and Chronicles, the former being a community media project and the latter being a project based on ebooks, comics and other publications.

KanohiJournal Publications

Due to declining interest in the KanohiJournal articles along with KANOHI.novus and Chronicles, KanohiJournal was overhauled into KanohiJournal Publications. Leading the new KanohiJournal now focuses on fan projects, two of which are made by Mata Nui Inc., a fan organization working on releasing media with the goal of continuing BIONICLE's legacy. This new format also includes a blog to continue KanohiJournal articles, with various columns planned in the future.


Due to inactivity and lack of content, the KanohiJournal was shut down in early 2013.


An old KanohiJournal logo

Since its release, the KanohiJournal has strived to make the BIONICLE fan community more enjoyable and fun to participate in. It has hosted four contests for the storyline canon so far, under the KanohiJournal Storyline Contest series. The four are: Aqua Blaster Blade, Surel, Iron Wolf, and Nikila.

With the release of the fifth contest, Lesovikk's Hiatus, all contests will now be branded as "KanohiJournal Contests" regardless of their canon or non-canon status.

Since December 2009, the KanohiJournal has begun collaborating with its affiliate, The Chronicler German BIONICLE fan magzine, and BZPower's Storyline & Theories department on contests. This allows for the contest to be posted and pinned in the S&T forum, and for polls to be conducted in a designated contest voting forum.




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