Take down the Lord of the Skull Spiders!

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Take down the Lord of the Skull Spiders! is an online LEGO Club article, which details the climax of the Winter arc of the 2015 story and asks readers to vote for an outcome they would want to see. The polling is based off of stats provided in the May-June issue of the LEGO Club Magazine, which showed traits for the Toa's powered-up forms such as intelligence, fear factor, and others.

Take Down The Lord Of The Skull Spiders

Vote On The Super-Toa Combination To Tackle The Skull Spider Infestation!

To gain access to the Okoto’s most ancient, ruined city, our heroes have to drive off the Lord of the Skull Spiders and his minions...but he’s a terrifying adversary, with power and agility to match the strongest Toa.

Fortunately the Master and Protector can fuse to form a Super-Toa capable of meeting any challenge! Which of the elemental teams has the strength to drive the enemy away? Or do you think that one of Toa can maximise their special abilities?

Tahu, the Master of Fire is the luckiest of the Toa and likes to think he’s the bravest too! Combined with the Protector of Fire however, their heat abilities could make them unbeatable.Kopaka, the Master of Ice is a perfectionist and won’t make silly mistakes in the heat of battle. Adding the powers of the Protector can only make him more determined and careful.The raw power of the fearless Pohatu is already formidable and adding the Protector of Stone, might create the kind of advantage the Toa need. It won’t make him any less stubborn though!Onua is one of the most intelligent Toa. This might give him the edge over the Lord of the Skull Spiders. However, merging with the Protector of Earth would unleash awesome seismic powers!Lewa, the Master of Jungle is definitely more agile than the Lord of the Skull Spiders, but he’s also more headstrong. The addition of the Protector might calm him down a little!Gali, the Master of Water might seem passive, but she’s like the ocean – fear the storm! The Protector brings his own abilities and weapons as well…could the enemy be drawn into a water battle?

Which Toa Or Combination Super-Toa Should Attack The Lord Of The Skull Spiders?

Total Votes: 1890













Tahu & the Protector of Fire


Kopaka & the Protector of Ice


Pohatu & the Protector of Stone


Onua & the Protector of Earth


Lewa & the Protector of Jungle


Gali & the Protector of Water


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