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Hey there all, this is Wiriamu, formerly known on this Wiki as Denjo (I don't know what happened to my old account) and known on various sites as Kilmarnock228. I have been a Bionicle fan since 2002 and remain a fan of the series.

Me and Bionicle

  • Favorite Toa: Tossup between Lhikan and Lesovikk
  • Favorite Toa team: Toa Hagah
  • Favorite Makuta: Icarax
  • Favorite Non-Makuta Villain: The Shadowed One, followed closely by Karzahni.
  • Favorite Order of Mata Nui member: tie between Axonn and Brutaka
  • Favorite Matoran: Nuparu (back when he was a Matoran), Kopeke as of the end of Bionicle's original run
  • Favorite Female Character: Hahli, though I am also intrigued by Naho since we know so little about her
  • Favorite Glatorian: Gelu or Vastus; honorable mention of Surel
  • Favorite Great Being: Angonce, because he seems to be the one who looked at his race's habit of playing God and realized "we are in deep trouble"
  • Favorite Minor Character: Artakha; I was always intrigued by him, though I don't like the idea of him asking the Order of Mata Nui to take out anyone and everyone who knew the location of his island.
  • Favorite Rahi: Keetongu character-wise, Kanohi Dragon concept-wise, and Tahtorak design-wise
  • Favorite "Official" Pairing: Macku and Hewkii (yes I know pairings aren't considered canon)
  • Favorite Unofficial Pairing: Lhikan and Naho-I like the idea of a contrast between LhikanxNaho and TuyetxNidhiki
  • Favorite Agori: Berix
  • Favorite Okotan: Korgot
  • Favorite Elemental Creature: Agil
  • Favorite of the Mask Makers: toss-up; Ekimu intrigues me as a character, but Makuta's Shadow Titan form is boss.
  • Favorite Generation 2 Villain: Makuta based on design, Umarak (pre-Destroyer) based on personality, and Axato based on obscurity.

Things I Would Change

If I could reach back in time and change certain developments in Bionicle, they would include these:

  • Making the Mata Nui era romance stuff canon and allowing Matoran Universe characters to be capable of love.
  • Replacing Amphibax and Sentrakh's pictures with ones of the Shadowed One and Ancient in BIONICLE: Makuta's Guide to the Universe, as well as replacing Icarax's picture in that one Teridax journal entry with one of Karzahni; seeing as those characters were actually mentioned but not seen in the book-and that Icarax's picture is almost exactly the same as the one that shows up when he's described in the Phantoka Makuta section-it makes sense to me.
  • Giving Umbra a mask other than the Great Ruru: Lhikan's Hau, one of the Inika Masks that wasn't ever employed by another character, or something-that Ruru was done to death.
  • Maybe change it so that the name Reysa was applied to the Onu-Matoran on Defilak's team and Gar was applied to the Hydruka herder who died-not to hate on Reysa, but Gar had a more significant role and so seems a better candidate for a more unique name.
  • Giving Sarda and Idris different Kanohi-leaning towards an Olmak for Sarda and a Rode for Idris so we get a reversal of what happened with Axonn and Brutaka. I would do this because the Great Huna and Ruru were definitely overused-though at least in Idris' case it was a different color-and because it seemed like a tradition to have the Matoran characters have carryover masks from previous years once we got past the Island of Mata Nui arc. While we're at it, let's give the Hydruka Hordika heads instead of Rahkshi heads-we got plenty of the latter but not so much the former.
  • Giving the Protectors individualized masks; identical head pieces are okay for Bohrok, Rahkshi, and Vahki, but not great for individualized characters. Also add "drained" versions of Tahu and Gali's Golden Masks, "corrupted" versions of Lewa, Gali, and Pohatu's Uniter masks, and feature the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders in the story, possibly along with other variant masks. And if we couldn't have gotten a G2 Titan Makuta, then include the Mask of Ultimate Power in Umarak the Destroyer-it's the only G2 set without such an accessory and the only thing missing from the Makuta "combo model." A G2 Mask of Time would also have been a nice touch.
  • Giving roles to all the alternate models and unnamed sets that don't have them, such as:
    • The Turaga Kaita (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma versions) and Turaga Nui.
    • The Matoran Kaita of 2001 and Matoran Combiners of 2003.
    • The Bohrok Va Kaita (Normal and Kabaya Versions) and the Bohrok Kaita and "Fused Bohrok."
    • The Bahrag Fusion, humanoid Boxor, "Exo-Raptor," and either making the Makuta Nui official or calling it the Graalok set.
    • The two-model Piraka Combiners and Kabaya Rahkshi Combiners.
    • The various "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys."
    • Incorporating the G2 Combo models into the story.
  • Creating new combiners for storyline characters without sets, such as:
    • The 2004 Matoran Nui.
  • Either making more of the Matoran/Toa/Turaga tribes all female or at least divided into male and female. I figure Fire, Ice, Air, Stone, Earth, Sonics, Magnetism, and Iron could stay male since we have actual named Toa of those elements, while obviously Water, Lightning, and Psionics can be joined by Jungle/Plantlife, Plasma, and Gravity. I'm also thinking Iron could maybe switch to female; the name Zaria always makes me confused. I would also be in favor of more female characters from other species.
  • Add a book featuring Brotherhood of Makuta and Order of Mata Nui members/servants, along with perhaps a few of the extra Toa and those Dark Hunters and Rahi who weren't included in the respective guides.

My Ideas

User:Wiriamu/Story Ideas

My Sets

What I Don't Have

The following is a list of the Bionicle sets I do not have in my collection, unless otherwise clarified. Everybody and everything you don't see down there (unless they're listed for clarification purposes) is currently a part of my collection.

Generation 1


Generation 2

  • Toa Masks (Master or Uniter, except Uniter Pohatu's and Infected Golden Mask of Jungle)
  • Protector Masks (except Ekimus')
  • The Hunter Mask
  • Mask of Control

What I would have liked to see...

See User:Wiriamu/Wanted Sets

My Books

What I Don't Have

Other Interests

  • Writing
  • Theater