Hunter Mask

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Hunter Mask
Mask of Power
Powers Shadow
Uniting with Elemental Creatures
Bearers Umarak (formerly)

The Hunter Mask is a Mask of Power formerly worn by Umarak. When he stole the Mask of Control, he discarded the Hunter Mask.


The Hunter Mask allowed Umarak to control the shadows. With it, he could control, enlarge, and use the shadows as a weapon, which allowed him to bind and weaken the Elemental Creatures to unite with them.[1] He could also transport himself from one shadow to another, even teleporting as far as the Labyrinth of Control.[2]


Picture Description
Hunter Mask
The corrupted Hunter Mask

Set Information

The Hunter Mask was released in January 2016 in 71310 Umarak the Hunter in a black and translucent green blend. It was released again in July 2016 in 71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker, in a gunmetal and translucent orange blend.



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