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"What they lack in strength, they more than make up for through numbers. Even when knocked down, these fearless fighters will keep coming back to freeze the bones of all but the bravest heroes."

Skull Warriors
JTO Skull Warriors and Skull Spiders.JPG
Skull Creature
Mask Skull Masks (formerly)
Powers Energy absorption
Tools Freeze Bows
Ice Spears (all formerly)
Status Defeated
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 70791

The Skull Warriors were skeletons animated by Kulta to serve as soldiers in the Skull Army. After his defeat, they went rogue.


The army of Skull Warriors were created by Kulta's dark powers.[1]

Skull Warriors controlled by Skull Spiders

Upon entering the City of the Mask Makers, Tahu accidentally set off a trap that sealed the Toa in the city. Skull Warriors then emerged from the ground to attack the Toa, while another group of Warriors shot at them from above. Onua used his Earthquake Hammer to defeat the ones that came from the ground, but also collapsed the bridge that they took in, leaving them open for the Skull Warriors up above to keep shooting. Lewa returned from scouting and knocked the Skull Warriors from the wall onto the ground, where they were easily dispatched by the Toa.[2]

The Protectors and Harvali found the remains of these Skull Warriors after entering the city themselves, and were forced to engage another group with help from a giant serpent. They successfully defeated them before moving on to meet Ekimu and the Toa.[3]

After the Okotans had reclaimed the city, several remaining Skull Warriors attacked. They were initially dismissed, until a force of Skull Spiders teamed up with them. Using their new masks and weapons, the Toa swiftly defeated the villains before starting their quest to find the Elemental Creatures.

Abilities and Traits

A Skull Warrior

The Skull Warriors had the ability to extract elemental power from Masks of Power by wearing them. They were individually weak, but could be dangerous in numbers.[1]

Mask and Tools

The Skull Warriors wore Skull Masks.

The Skull Warriors carried Freeze Bow Rapid Shooters, which could fire frost pellets that freeze enemies in place. In melee combat, the Skull Warriors used their heavy Ice Spears.[1]


"With their leader gone, they are no real threat, unless..."
Ekimu Quest for Unity

Set Information

70791 Skull Warrior was released as one of the sets in the August 2015 product wave. It came with a "drained" version of Kopaka's Golden Mask of Ice that had no role in the storyline. The Skull Warrior could be combined with the Skull Basher and Skull Slicer sets to create a larger model.


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  • A YouTube listing for the Skull Warriors' character spot video mistakenly calls them "Skull Fighters," though the video itself uses the correct name of Warriors.[4]


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