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"His Cendox V1 is designed for speed and maneuverability. Its rear tracks and front blades allow it to move easily through soft sand, and its booster engines give it that extra burst of power."

Users Fire Tribe soldiers (formerly)
Function Transport
Arena combat
Status In use
Pronunciation CEN-docks[1]
Set number 8992 Cendox V1 (instructions)

The Cendox is a type of vehicle used on Bara Magna.


Crotesius on the Cendox V1

Cendox vehicles were used by the Fire Tribe in the Core War on Spherus Magna, but most were lost in battle.[2]

Cendox V1

After the Shattering, Crotesius, an Agori of the Fire Tribe, discovered a buried vehicle and hired Berix, an Agori of the Water Tribe, to help him excavate it.[3] Crotesius claimed the vehicle as his own for use in Arena Matches. He later christened it the "Cendox V1", after the Agori word for "serpent strike." Outfitting it with spare parts won by his tribe in matches against the Water Tribe and Jungle Tribe, he became very emotionally attached to the vehicle, treating it as if it were a living being. One year, he drove it to victory in the vehicle division of the Great Tournament.[2]

During the Skrall War, Crotesius piloted the Cendox V1 in a practice match against Kirbraz and Scodonius in their Kaxium V3. Although the two pilots attempted to surprise Crotesius by splitting apart their two bikes just before a collision, Crotesius was able to overturn Kirbraz's bike with a Thornax from the Cendox's Thornax Launcher, bringing an end to the match.[4]


The Cendox possesses a Thornax Launcher for offensive and defensive purposes. It is propelled by powerful boosters and rear tracks. The front of the vehicle features large blades.

Crotesius's Cendox V1 is additionally armed with spare parts won by the Fire Tribe in arena matches. He also plated the front blades with Exsidian for extra power. The Thornax Launcher is normally outfitted with non-explosive Thornax due to Crotesius's fighting style.[2][5]

Set Information

The Cendox V1 in the arena
The Cendox V1 set
Cendox Set
Cendox V1

8992 Cendox V1 was released as a vehicle set in the latter half of 2009. 136 of the set's 151 pieces are used in the construction of the vehicle, while the remaining 15 are used to build the driver, Crotesius. The set features functional steering operated using the handlebars as well as two life counters to be used in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game.


  • The original name for this type of vehicle is unknown, as Crotesius named the only functioning example.[2]


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