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"If I see any spiders, you'll know, because I'll be the first one to open fire on them."
— Korgot, Revenge of the Skull Spiders

Protector of Earth
Mask Protector Mask of Earth
Element Earth
Tools Star Drill
Throwing Knives
Rapid Shooter
Status Alive
Location Region of Earth
Set number 70781

Korgot, the Protector of Earth, is one of six chief elder Protectors, guarding the Islanders of Earth on Okoto.


Korgot protects Okoto's Region of Earth, a position she inherited from her father.[1]

Skull Spiders began to menace Okoto in Korgot's time, as had been forewarned by the legendary Mask Maker Ekimu. When the stars aligned, as foretold by the Prophecy of Heroes, Korgot joined the other Protectors at the Temple of Time and recited the prophecy.

Some time passed following Korgot's return, and her villagers began to wonder when the legend would be fulfilled. Korgot counseled patience, and that her men focus on battling the evil Skull Spiders rather than looking at the sky. However, as she was saying this, six comets appeared among the stars above Okoto.

Six Toa then fell from the sky onto Okoto, riding comets and crash-landing in their respective regions. Korgot sought out Onua, the Master of Earth, but she and her fellow islanders surrounding Onua's crash site were attacked by a group of Skull Spiders. However, Onua saved Korgot and the other people from the Skull Spiders. Korgot told Onua his identity and his quest before the two started their journey.[2] Korgot guided him through the Region of Earth for weeks to find the Golden Mask of Earth. During their travels, Onua confirmed with Korgot that she was indeed female; he had been told by the elders of her village that the position was inherited from fathers to sons, and took it literally. Korgot took his queries in good humor. The two came across a wall on their way to the shrine. Korgot wanted to use her Star Drill to break the wall, but Onua offered to do it, so Korgot let him do it. After the pair reached the mask's shrine, she held off a horde of Skull Spiders and was nearly overpowered, but Onua used the Golden Mask to overcome the Skull Spiders.[3] After Onua got a vision from Ekimu, he departed in order to join his fellow Toa at the City of the Mask Makers in order to awaken Ekimu.

Korgot and her fellow Protectors gathered once again, this time at the city, in response to Vizuna's fears that the Toa would require their aid. She saved Vizuna from several Skull Spiders, and they and their comrades then entered the city through a secret route. Along the way she asked Vizuna to remind her of something later, which would prove to be her wanting to learn how to use his bow and offering to teach him the use of her drill in exchange; Vizuna acknowledged that the Protectors would be well - served by learning to use each others' weapons. After facing the Lord of Skull Spiders and several Skull Warriors as well as hearing the familiar sound of Onua's hammer striking in the city - Korgot and her comrades found themselves in the presence of the legendary Ekimu, and were briefly mistaken for their ancient predecessors. A celebration was then held as the villagers of Okoto made their way to their new home in the city and the heroes rejoiced in their victories.

Abilities and Traits

Korgot is wise, and has been entrusted with the historical knowledge of the Prophecy of Heroes. She is highly pragmatic, taking Onua's amnesia and confusion in stride and doing her best to guide him in his journey. She is also dedicated to protecting the people of Okoto, and willing to face any threat to do so. Korgot boasts excellent night vision. [4]

Mask and Tools

Korgot wears the Protector Mask of Earth, a sacred Elemental Mask forged by Ekimu long ago and passed down to her through the generations.[1]

She wields a Star Drill, two Throwing Knives, and a Rapid Shooter.

Set Information

Set 70781 Protector of Earth was released in January 2015. The set includes the Protector of Earth and a light green Skull Spider. The Protector wields a Rapid Shooter that fires six shots.

The set can be combined with Onua - Master of Earth to create a bigger model.


"Vizuna, there's something I've wanted to ask you for a long time! Remind me if we get out of this alive!"
"When we get out of this alive, I'm looking forward to that conversation!"
— Korgot and Vizuna, Revenge of the Skull Spiders


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