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"An unusual entry in Bara Magna arenas, Sahmad's Baranus V7 is drawn by a Spikit rather than powered by a motor. Other Glatorian laugh at this – until the Spikit tears the front of their vehicle off and eats it."

Manufacturer Rock Tribe
Users Sahmad
Function Arena combat
Status In use
Pronunciation bah-RANN-us[1]
Set number 8994

The Baranus is a chariot wagon used on the planet of Spherus Magna.


Baranus wagons were built during the Core War by Rock Tribe Agori. The wagons were designed to be pulled by Sand Stalkers and were used to transport weapons and supplies to the front lines. Being unarmed, many wagons were often heavily damaged. Eventually, Spikit were used to pull the chariots as they were fiercer creatures than the Sand Stalkers.

Several Baranus did survive in the Bara Magna region following the Shattering, but most were destroyed during the baterra's attacks on the Skrall.

Baranus V7

The Baranus V7 in the Wastelands

Sahmad, an Agori of the Iron Tribe, salvaged a Baranus V7 and now uses it as his personal chariot.


The Baranus chariot is armed with blades along its side, capable of tearing armor off an opposing vehicle. The chariot is pulled by a Spikit, and is capable of movement by four wheels.

The Baranus were occasionally attached to cargo sleds, which they pulled around.

Set Information

A Spikit pulling the Baranus V7 in the Comics

The Baranus V7 was released as a vehicle set in the latter half of 2009, containing 263 pieces. 136 of the parts are used to construct the actual vehicle. It contains Sahmad as a pilot, who has a life counter, Thornax, and Thornax Launcher for use with the vehicle in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. Also among the set's pieces are those for a Spikit.


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