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Skull Creature
Mask Skull Mask
Powers None
Tools Spear
Status Alive
Location Underground city

Axato is the Tribal Commander of the Skull Raiders.


Thousands of years ago, Axato and the other Skull Raiders, under the leadership of Kulta, besieged the peaceful Okotans. They were eventually defeated and driven into a range of mountains in the Region of Stone by the Mask Makers and the Protectors. Afterwards, when the Great Cataclysm reshaped Okoto, the Skull Raiders were trapped in caverns beneath the mountains, which they eventually built into a sprawling underground city.

After Kulta and Skull Basher left for the City of the Mask Makers, Axato became the Tribal Commander of the Skull Raiders.

One thousand years after the cataclysm, a Skull Spider-controlled hawk brought a pair of Okotan children from the Region of Stone to the Skull Raiders, and later captured Toa Lewa. The Skull Raiders captured the other Toa and Ekimu, the latter of whom the Skull Raiders despised and blamed for their long imprisonment. Axato challenged Gali to unarmed combat for custody of the Skull Raiders' prisoners, but Gali defeated him. When Kulta arrived, Axato got up, and Gali got her Elemental Trident back, she used it to shoot a blast of water to repel Axato. Kulta challenged Ekimu, but lost. Axato, Kulta, and the other Skull Raiders were eventually imprisoned after Ekimu brought down the ceiling of their city.

Abilities and Traits

Axato is a tall Skull Raider, and the Tribal Commander of Skull Raiders. He is a skilled and talented warrior, with or without his weapon, and that makes him the Tribal Commander of the Skull Raiders.

Mask and Tools

Axato wears a Skull Mask.

Axato used a long spear as a weapon. The spear is tipped with a sharp black crystal.



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