BIONICLE: Unmasked

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BIONICLE: Unmasked
Series Collector's Special
Author Unknown
Publisher DC Comics

BIONICLE Unmasked is an eight page BIONICLE collector's special.

The cover features an illustrated version of the BIONICLE: Mask of Light DVD cover, illustrated by Randy Elliott. The book features interviews of David Molina and Terry Shakespeare, the two directors of the movie, BIONICLE: Mask of Light. The book also contains interviews of Martin Pasko, the editor of the BIONICLE comic book series, Greg Farshtey, the writer, and Randy Elliot, the penciller/inker. They explain how the comics are written, edited, and finally drawn, as well as talking about how the BIONICLE characters successfully made the leap from toys to comics.

It also features advertisements for the movie, the BIONICLE books, BIONICLE: The Game, BIONICLE Powered Toothbrushes, and a checklist of several BIONICLE merchandise.

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