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"What was sure was that he was a driven being, one who needed somewhere to focus his energies. He had to have a mission, so Tahu decided to give him one that would test even his powers."
— Narrator, The Yesterday Quest


Status Transformed
Pronunciation zah-REE-uh[1]

Toa of Iron
Tools Staff[2]
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation zah-REE-uh[1]

Zaria is a Toa of Iron chosen to participate in a mission to seek out the Great Beings.


Zaria was a Fe-Matoran who at one point transformed into a Toa of Iron[3] and eventually joined a Toa team.[4]

After rebelling against the Great Spirit, the Brotherhood of Makuta began hunting down and killing Toa of Iron; this resulted in the death of most of Zaria's friends. Under these circumstances, Zaria was forced to kill a Makuta to survive, violating the Toa Code in the process. The event began to haunt him, and also sparked rumors that he had since made a habit of murdering all of his enemies.[5]

Teridax's Reign

Zaria joined the resistance after Teridax took over the Matoran Universe. He left the Great Spirit Robot in order to participate in the Battle of Bara Magna, fighting Teridax's Rahkshi and Skakdi.[6] Teridax was ultimately killed by Mata Nui, who reformed the planet of Spherus Magna.[7]

Spherus Magna

Soon after the battle, Zaria was recruited, along with Orde and Chiara, to fulfill Mata Nui's wish of locating the Great Beings. Using his elemental powers, Zaria quickly ended a quarrel between Chiara and Orde by controlling their mechanical parts and forcing them to sit down, allowing Onua to explain the mission Tahu had given them. Gelu arrived soon after and was revealed to be their guide.[5]

While venturing into the Bota Magna region, Zaria and the rest of the team were ambushed by a group of Vorox. After Chiara burned through the net that trapped them, Zaria attempted to use his control over Iron to relieve the Vorox of their weapons. However, the Vorox retaliated and Zaria's armor was damaged by their weapons. The Vorox leader Kabrua ordered his allies to take the Toa and Gelu back to their city.[8]

Zaria was taken with the others to the edge of the forest, where they were freed as part of a hunt planned by the Vorox. As they fled, Zaria planned an ambush for their pursuers and hid with Chiara, while Gelu and Orde lured the hunting party to them. However, Kabrua shut off the Toa's power, rendering Zaria unable to attack. Two Vorox stayed behind to prevent Zaria and Chiara from using their powers, while Kabrua and the rest of the pack resumed hunting Orde and Gelu.[9]

Abilities and Traits

As a Toa of Iron, Zaria possesses the ability to create, control, and absorb metallic Protodermis.[10][11] He can control other kinds of metal but is unable to create them.[12] His armor color variation is burnt orange and metallic gray.[13]

Zaria is conflicted because of his past transgressions of the Toa Code, and feels like an outcast. He is incredibly driven, but needs something productive to focus his prodigious energies on, which is why he was chosen by Tahu to search for the Great Beings.[5]

Mask and Tools

Zaria wielded a staff, although it has been confiscated by the Vorox.[2][9]



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