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Great Jutlin Set.jpg
Title Mask of Corruption
Powers Makes target decompose/rust
Component disks Weaken[1]
Bearers Antroz
Spiriah (both formerly)
Pronunciation JUT-lin[OGD: Dec 7 2007, 08:32 AM]

The Kanohi Jutlin is the Mask of Corruption. It allows its user to break down inorganic objects within their range of vision by causing them to decompose and rust.

Kanohi Jutlin can be made from Weaken Kanoka.[1]



  • Makuta Antroz - Formerly wore a shapeshifted version; now deceased
  • Makuta Spiriah - Formerly wore a shapeshifted version; now deceased




Picture Description
Kanohi Jutlin Small.PNG The form of the Great Kanohi Jutlin used by Antroz and Spiriah
Jutlin II.PNG The form of the Great Kanohi Jutlin used by Antroz for piloting the Jetrax T6 and riding the Destral Cycle
Radiak's kanohi.PNG A Noble Kanohi Jutlin

Set Information

The Great Jutlin's first release was with the 8691 Antroz canister set in early 2008. A different form of the mask was released in 8942 Jetrax T6 in summer 2008.

The Noble Jutlin was released in 8947 Radiak in early 2008.


  • Antroz and Spiriah shapeshifted their Kanohi Jutlin to have teeth. These are not actually part of the mask's proper form.[citation needed]
  • Toa would not normally wear this mask, as they feel its power is immoral.[citation needed]


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