Mask Makers

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Generation 1Generation 2
Mask Makers
Headquarters City of the Mask Makers
Leader None
Goals Create Masks of Power
Defend Okoto
Allies Okotans (Protectors)
Elemental Creatures
Enemies Skull Raiders (Skull Army)
Shadow Horde
Makuta (all formerly)
Status Active

The Mask Makers of Okoto were Ekimu and Makuta, whose duty was to create Masks of Power for the Okotans. After Makuta's Betrayal, Ekimu became the lone Mask Maker of the island.


The Mask Makers were a part of Okoto's golden age, creating many Masks of Power for the inhabitants, as well as their tribal leaders, the Protectors. The two worked in the Forge, in the eponymous City of the Mask Makers, and would travel around the island in Airships built for that express purpose.

The two Mask Makers would also join the Protectors in dealing with various threats to the island, such as the vicious Skull Raiders.[1]

Knowing the dangers of tampering with the island's Elements, the two brothers agreed in a sacred pact that they would never create a mask with more than one element, lest it become too dangerous for them to control.

Over time, Ekimu's masks grew to be more favored by the Okotans, and Makuta became envious of his brother's popularity. Breaking their agreement, Makuta attempted to make the most powerful mask of all time by channeling all six elements into one creation. The resulting mask, the Mask of Ultimate Power, overcame him when he put it on, turning him evil.

Ekimu attempted to stop his brother, succeeding in using his Hammer of Power to knock off the Mask of Ultimate Power from his brother's face. However, doing so caused a shockwave that altered the very formation of the island and knocked Ekimu into an endless sleep. The mask exploded and opened a rift that pulled Makuta into the Shadow Realm.

Centuries later, Makuta's spirit influenced the Skull Army to obtain Masks of Power, and the Protectors summoned the Toa as prophesied. Ekimu was resurrected by the Toa using the Golden Masks of Power, and together they defeated the Skull Army. Ekimu then directed the Toa to find Makuta's Mask of Control, but it was stolen by Makuta's pawn, Umarak. Makuta directed Umarak to collect the shards of the Mask of Ultimate Power and open a portal to the Shadow Realm. Ekimu accompanied the Toa to close the portal, and allowed Gali to learn the full Prophecy of Heroes. Just as Makuta emerged from the portal, the Toa pooled their elements and sealed Makuta in the Shadow Realm.


The Mask Makers are creators of Masks of Power. Each of them wore a special mask, and wielded a hammer that was used to make the masks. The two worked in the Forge, in the City of the Mask Makers.

Before Makuta's Betrayal, the Mask Makers would travel around the island in Airships built for that express purpose. Each of the Airships' design was based on one of the Mask Makers who owned the Airship. The Mask Maker traveled around the island to collect Elemental Crystals, which are used to make the Masks of Power.

The Mask Makers were leaders of the people of Okoto, and warriors who protected them from various threats. They worked with the Protectors to do this task. The Mask Makers also attend events with the people.

Known Members

Set Information

Ekimu was released as part of the 70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder set. Later, Ekimu was released in 2016 as 71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker. Though Makuta was never released as an official set, models for both his original Mask Maker and transformed Shadow Titan forms were created by the BIONICLE design team.


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