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"The strange creature moves through desert dunes with the ease of a fish moving through water. The enemy will not notice it before it is too late."

Creature of Stone
Element Stone
Tools Crystal Claw Blades
Status Alive
Location City of the Mask Makers
Set number 71301 Ketar Creature of Stone (instructions)

Ketar, the Creature of Stone, is one of the seven Elemental Creatures and has the form of a scorpion.[1]


Ketar was born from the element of Stone during the formation of Okoto, only to find itself and its fellow Creatures targeted by the evil Umarak.

According to ancient carvings near the City of the Mask Makers discovered by Harvali, Ketar and the other Creatures existed before the birth of the Mask Makers.[1]

They later appeared to Ekimu during one Festival of Masks. Feeling that the encounter was significant, Ekimu and the ancient Protectors traveled to the Temple of Time in order to learn more, and soon became aware that Okoto would one day be wracked by a cataclysm. In anticipation of this, he sent the Protectors to find the Elemental Creatures and obtain Elemental Crystals for empowering the Golden Masks of Power, with Protector Kerato obtaining a Crystal from Ketar.

After Makuta was defeated by his brother, Ketar joined the other Elemental Creatures in taking his Mask of Control into the Labyrinth of Control to keep it safe.

Ketar united with Umarak

When the Toa set out to recover the Mask of Control, Ketar challenged Pohatu when the Uniter of Stone made his way into Ketar's territory. The two engaged in a fierce battle of their shared element, but eventually Pohatu realized that he had to work together with Ketar in order to accomplish his mission. This being done, Ketar led him to his Golden Mask of Unity, which enabled Pohatu and Ketar to unite. However, unlike the other Toa and Creatures, the two did not remain joined together long, and Pohatu later refused to unite in order to cross to the island where the Labyrinth stood.

It was only when the stones of the Labyrinth threatened them and their teammates that the two joined forces again, albeit briefly. Umarak - who had been observing the Toa and Creatures for some time and even engaged them in a brief battle - took advantage of their distance to capture Ketar and use him to enter the chamber where the Mask of Control was kept. Using Ketar's powers of stone and flight, he escaped the Labyrinth but was pursued by Pohatu, who helped Ketar to break free of the Hunter's control. Umarak then dropped Ketar off a cliff, forcing Pohatu to allow Umarak to claim the mask so that he could save the scorpion-like creature. Pohatu overcame his dislike for Ketar over the incident, and vowed along with his comrades to save Okoto.

Returning to the City of the Mask Makers, Ketar and its fellows joined the Toa in battling the Elemental Beasts. Ketar and the other Creatures were then left to fight alongside the Okotans without the Toa, who left to battle Umarak and succeeded in preventing the return of Makuta.

Abilities and Traits

Ketar's power is drawn from the Element of Stone, and has natural traits of toughness and the ability to camouflage, said to be able to move through the desert with ease. Connecting with a Toa, Ketar endows increased resilience and speed, as well as the power of flight.[2]

Ketar is similar in personality to Pohatu, both of them initially loners who disliked the idea of working together.

Mask and Tools

Ketar bears the Creature Mask of Stone, he also has a pair of Crystal Claw Blades for offense, which the connecting Toa can also wield. The claws are also powerful and can be used for digging. As a scorpion, Ketar also possesses a poisonous stinger tail that can stun enemies.[3]

Set Information

71301 Ketar Creature of Stone was released as one of the five small sets in the first half of BIONICLE's 2016 line.



"I'm not gonna beat you, am I?"
Pohatu to Ketar, Quest for Unity


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