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BZP Name Surel-Nuva
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Age 27
Gender Male
Height 1m65
Nationality Hungarian
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About me

I'm so sorry if I still make typos, I sed to make edits without checking which was annoying, but I can still miss things here and there.

I've got my first sets in 2004, the very first being 8615 Vahki Bordakh, I first saw the Mask of Light late 2004/early 2005, Legends of Metru Nui and Web of Shadows in late 2005/early 2006 first. Since I was young and didn't watch the movies with subtitles back then, I couldn't make the connection in 2006 between Jaller Inika and Jaller from the MoL movie. I was yet to know the story in 2006 correctly. I just saw the comics on the 2006 website, but since I didn't understand nor learn english, I was just watching them on the page, only becoming actually interested in the lore when the 2007 Barraki wave updated the and it was given a hungarian site. That was probably the turning point for me from just liking the sets to actually like characters as well.

After rewatching the first movie my favourite character became Tahu and Makuta, but it shifted to Kopaka after reading the books, since I could relate to his personally much better. I kinda remember how amazed I was by the movie, when I was a child and it got me watching it over and over again. Does it has mistakes? sure, but with the eyes of a 7 years old child it was beautiful and amazing.

I became a member of MALUG forum in either 2008 or 2009, that was my first introduction to people who liked bionicle and weren't my cousin. I was young, and up till this day I feel like they were really annoyed by me, but from them I started to learn more about the lore and the characters. Vrahno's translations of tseveral books and Wertuias' translations of the comics were my first contacts with the lore in general, and after finding BS01 the original serials and knowing the translations by Vrahno from Malug, I started learning english bit by bit until I went to highschool. I collect other lego too, but not as much as bionicle, like all the Kinghts' Kingdom II kinghts, small vehicles from the city line, a couple of minifigs, and the three variations of the 3in1 T. rex.

I used to build mocs, and I was proud of them at the time, that has stopped when I realized they weren't good. That was a hard decision for me, and when I did it I started loosing interest in the whole thing, but I slowly getting it back.

My BIONICLE Collection


  • Fikou
  • Mata Nui Cow
  • Dikapi
  • Akamai
  • Wairuha
  • Turaga Nui
  • Nui-Kopen


  • 10023 BIONICLE Master Builder Set
    • Bog Snake (back/grey/keetorange)
    • Fikou
    • Hoto (missing the red tube)
    • Husi (medium blue/black)
    • Kewa (Silver/white/grey/black)
    • Kofo-Jaga
    • Ruki (blue/white)
    • Shore Turtle (+ a blue/white variant)
    • Taku
    • Ussal
    • Takea Shark (grey/black)
    • Vako (orange/black/red)
    • Fusa (Black/white)
  • Akamai Nuva
  • Wairuha Nuva
  • Ghekula
  • Keras
  • Waikiru
  • Bohrok Kaita Ja & Za (no rubber bands)
  • Bohrok Va Kaita Ja & Za
  • Hapaka
  • Pokawi
  • Infernavika


  • Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja & Za (no rubber bands)
  • Rahkshi Kaita Vo & Za
  • Makuta Nui
  • Kolhii Matoran Kaita


  • Kavinika
  • Kinloka
  • Kraawa
  • Krahli
  • Kranua
  • Kraahu
  • Lohrak
  • Krahka


  • Ice Vermin
  • Colony Drone
  • Kahgarak
  • Chute Lurker
  • Gate Guardian
  • Venom Flyer
  • Parakrekks
  • Sea Spider
  • Cable Crawler
  • Rock Raptor
  • Protocairn
  • Frostelus
  • Zivon
  • Sentrakh
  • The Shadowed One


  • Piraka Combiners
    • Avak-Hakann
    • Reidak-Zaktan
    • Vezok-Thok
  • Protodax
  • White Irnakk (unofficial combiner, different claw build)
  • Jovan
  • Dagger Spider
  • Lava Hawk


  • Pit War Tortoise
  • Zyglak
  • Manutri


  • Spiriah
  • Niazesk (with older joints)
  • Trinuma
  • Swamp Stalker
  • Destral Cycle


  • Sand Stalker


  • Gaardus




Contest/Competition winners

  • Dark Hunters
    • Amphibax
    • Charger
    • Hordika Dragon
    • Mimic
    • Shadow Stealer
  • Rahi
    • Archives Mole
    • Dermis Turtle
    • Doom Viper
    • Kanohi Dragon
    • Proto Drake
    • Tahtorak
  • Other:
    • Artakha
    • Bomonga/Gaaki/Kualus/Pouks (needs painting)
    • Certavus
    • Helryx (modified to match more the artwork, needs a better paint on the mask)
    • Kirbold
    • Krakua
    • Kyry
    • Miserix (work in progress)
    • Tobduk


  • Rahi
    • Hahnah
    • Black-white Electric Spider
    • Yellow-black Electric Bug
    • Fikou (white, blue-silver, green-lime, black-blue, black-tan)
    • Black-grey-white Brakas
    • Black-orange Ussal
    • Mahi (black-tan, white-grey)
    • Golden beak Dikapi (2x)
    • White-silver-grey Mata Nui Cow
    • Black-blue TLOMN Turtle
    • Small TLOMN/QftT bugs (blue, black, metallic grey-dark grey, black-red, yelloww-black)
    • QftT Rahi bird (Master Builder set colors)
    • Blue-black small TLOMN/QftT Scorpion
    • MNOG/TLOMN large Fish (dark orange-black, black-grey)
    • Yellow-black QftM/TLOMN small Fish
    • TLOMN Bats (incorrect wings, black, metru red, mata red)
    • Grey and Black TLOMN Crab
  • Matoran
    • Zemya 01
    • Tiribomba 01
    • Taipu 03
    • Kotu 03
    • Talvi 04
    • Midak 04
    • Dezalk
  • Green Elite-Skrall
  • Green Warrior Skrall
  • Volo Lutu Launcher
  • Shadow Takanuva


  • Official characters
    • Sand Bat
    • Baterra
    • City Building Creature
    • Kestora
    • Mavrah
    • Surel
    • Turaga Jovan
    • Turaga Lhikan (revamp)
  • Unofficial characters
    • Sitary
    • Galdahk
    • Alternate G2-style Surel ("selfmoc")
    • Tahu Nuva (adaptive and golden armor fused together, mistika form)