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"Personally, I always find my comments and observations most interesting. You haven't truly lived until you have seen the world through the eyes of madness. Why, half the time I don't know if what I see is what's really there, or what I wish was there ... or what I pray, I beg, I plead is not."
— Vezon, Federation of Fear

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My two Surel mocs
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About me

I'm so sorry if I make typos. Usually, I make edits without checking which is annoying, but I'm trying to change

I've become a fan in 2004 - when I got my first set, a Bordakh, and saw the Mask of Light - and then I've got interested in the comics and the story in 2006. After I watched the 1st movie my favourite character became Tahu, and Makuta, but after the years it has became Kopaka, and 2nds are Tahu & Makuta. I can remember how amazed was I by the movie and it got me watching it over and over again. Now, after 16 years, I see the inconsistencies, but with the eyes of a 7 years old child it was beautiful and amazing.

Favorite Quotes

"I work alone."
Kopaka, The Coming of the Toa

"I've made a lot of fool-mistakes lately, Vakama. That's what happens when you're brave-tough enough to make decisions."
Matau, Web of Shadows

"We all make mistakes, Vakama. That's what happens when you're brave enough to make decisions."
— Matau, Web of Shadows

(I do like both versions, but I prefer the one from the book)

My BIONICLE Collection







  • 1 Gold Zamor Sphere




  • Skopio XV-1




  • Ekimu, the Mask Maker (incomplete)
  • Quake Beast (incomplete)

Official Character Representations

  • Amphibax
  • Archives Mole
  • LOMN Bats
  • LOMN/TotT Scorpion
  • Certavus (incomplete)
  • Helryx (modeled after the artwork by fixing the problems of the original, still missing 2 tubes, 2 armors, and the mask)(formerly complete but was taken apart because of the flimsy nature of the build)


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  • The Kraatu are the Stone Rats. And the word 'Kraatu' translates to Stone Rat.
  • Johmak's species is related to the Vortixx. They were made as an experiment by the Order of Mata Nui to enhance the Vortixx, but the powers, they were given, needed a stronger body, so their forms were slightly altered.
  • Lariska - being a weapon master, according to the Encyclopedia - has more weapons then her daggers. She has a chain to grab her victims from the distant shadows and her mechanical arm contains a function to generate a spiked shield for defense and attack.(clearly I made the moc before I realised that she's dark teal and has the same size as a Toa lol)
  • Silence is a mutated specimen of Jerbraz's species, who are native to Nynrah.
  • The Hordika Dragons were the part of Amphibax's species before their mutations.
  • Ravager came from the same species as the OoMN member who communicated with the dying Tahtorak. The Order keeps the information and whereabouts of the species in secrets, preventing everyone to use their knowledge for personal purpose.
  • Tracker came from the same species as Todbuk (thus he blames the Visorak horde and Roodaka for his current state)
  • Hakann's & Avak's "Piraka Kaita" is the Lava Monster, what they made to gain the Matoran's trust.
  • The Recorder is native to Odina, he was captured when Ancient and TSO annexed the island. Also, the Duracell Bad Guy is a representation of him.
  • Vezok's & Thok's "Piraka Kaita" is Trigrax's normal form, that's why Varian was shocked when she saw him in his normal form.
  • Zaktan's & Reidak's "Piraka Kaita" is a Dark Hunter Guard from the Legacy of Evil killed by a Boggarak.
  • The 2 Korean Irnakk-like combiners are different representations of Irnakk, in different regions of Zakaz.
  • Teridax, Krika, and Icarax are alive.
  • When Gorast used her Felnass on Icarax's teleportation power, a part of him (the upper part of his body with his head and the Mask of Shadows) was reassembled on the Destrall, where Tridax help him to survive. When Teridax realized Icarax was alive, he teleported the other parts of his body near him, then placed him in stasis.
  • Krika wasn't cease to exist when Gorast used her mask on him, only became too unstable to regain his physical form. He made it into the portal, while the pure energy from the storm stabilized him. Teridax left him alive, but placed him in stasis along with Icarax.
  • Teridax managed to survive the battle, for his sensors alerted him of the Aqua Magna chunk, so he teleported into an Exo-Toa. Later he repaired his original body, which was left behind in Mangaia, merged it with a Maxilos and a winged Nivawk-like Rahi.

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