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The Wiki Staff are the members of BS01 who manage the wiki. They are the ones who block vandals, protect pages, and perform a multitude of other actions that ensure that the wiki runs smoothly. Please treat them with respect, as they try really hard to make the wiki a better place. If you would like to contact the staff, you may do so here or on a staff member's talk page.

Of the staff, the moderators are the members who use primarily the sysop user right. Sysop is the basic moderating user right that lets staff perform day-to-day management tasks such as blocking or unblocking accounts, marking edits as patrolled, deleting or restoring pages, protecting or un-protecting pages, editing protected pages, and renaming pages. For a full list of sysop powers, see the "Administrators" section here.

There are 44 of 1,710 accounts on BS01 with staff power. Only 7 users are current staff members. Their usernames and activity levels are as follows:

Wiki Staff Status
Swert Dorek Cholie KZN02 Metax MtMNC SPIRIT Zo;Tomana

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