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User Status Active when the planets align.
BZPower Username Varaka
BZPower Status Not Very Active
Gender Male
Age 19 (b. July 1, 1992)
Location Orange County, California, USA
Nationality Finnish-American
Favorite Set Lewa, Kopaka, Pohatu, Gali, Bohrok, Boxor


"Hi guys," the lazy, irresponsible, chronically-missing staffer said with guilty eyes and a sheepish grin.


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ORAC Achievement.png

x1:O:RAC Assistance
Remove a page from a maintenance category
Creation of boxor.PNG The Tediousness Award
This Award has been given to Varaka for repeatingly adding crucial information to countless pages over a short period of time.


Tahu Nuva comic.png The TNU Award
This award is only presented to the users TNU has felt have done an excellent job on the Wiki for numerous reasons. Varaka has recieved this award for being an excellent friend. Congrats!

External Image The External Image Award

The V Award is awarded to Anarchists who defy evil. This award is given to Varaka for being loyal to the TRUE Wiki-Nui, and earning Toa V's respect as an editor. Perhaps you will also one day recognize the truth, before it is too late.


External Image Too Green & Alien Warning Award~!
This warning award has been given to Varaka because one of your edits or actions, such as what...?...Oh yeah, happy B-Day, and looking like a green-coloured being, is/can be considered too alien by Mr Matkerzah. Please note that thing's too alien should not be posted on any parts of Wiki-Nui(But you can still post it 8P). Please edit on!

From: ~Mattym

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"Varaka Staffer Thing"

This thing goes for you because you are a staff. Keep the good work! -D•L"