From BIONICLEsector01
BS01 Status
Usual Online Time Unknown
BZP Name Erebus
BZP Status Premier Forum Assistant
Online Jobs N/A
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 5'8
Nationality Indian American

Erebus was first introduced to BIONICLE when he received the first BIONICLE Comic in the mail back in 2001. After few years, the BIONICLE fan was introduced to the BS01 Wiki on February 15, 2006. He made his first edit in the Gallery:Vakama at 23:29 P.M. Wiki Time. Former BS01 Co-Owner Pekel hired Erebus as a Mainsite Staff Member. Few months later, Swert offered the member a position on the Wiki Staff, which Erebus gladly took. He was later elevated to General Manager in April of 2008.

Erebus tends to joke around often. He is quite friendly to his fellow members, but will take quick action if one is to vandalize.

Erebus can also be called ER, Umbra, The Servant, Minion, The Chronicler, Erebras, Erda, and unfortunately, Airbus. Recently, he's been called School Bus. :/


  • Tied the Makuta of Stelt to Voporak's mutation
  • Had the Toa Element of Psionics canonized
  • Had the Mask of Creation confirmed as a Legendary Kanohi