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BS01 Owner
User Status Working at City Blocks.
BZPower Status S&T Fact Team, OACP Member, OBZPC & BS01 Admin
Location Lakewood, WA
Age 30
Movies Either Star Wars or LOTR
Books Either Dune or Harry Potter
Food Pizza, Mexican Lasagna, Homemade Burgers
Drinks Water, Cherry Coke, Gatorade (Frost preferred)
Sports Football (American), Baseball, Professional Wrestling (WWE)
Writing Styles Comedy, Mystery, Thriller

About Me

As everybody probably knows by now, I'm not just a wiki operator; I build, too! I work for City Blocks in Tacoma, WA, operated by Dan Parker, a LEGO Certified Professional.

As the BS01 Owner, my job is to manage the BS01 Wiki, the website and to answer any questions storyline-wise. My status on here is I'm a B-5 member, or one who has a master understanding of it, and my contributions go over 200, as I've done quite a bit of editing. It used to be well over 1,000 on the old Database.

As far as meeting BS01 people, I've met only Kayru and Kraahlix so far, and at least a few BS01 members at BrickCon, but I'm welcome to meeting more down the line! (Hint, you can always find me at City Blocks... unless I get fired, which is impossible XD)

Along with the Wiki, I also work on the BS01 skins. You can also check out my Piraka Avak review here.

Set Checklist

Rather than say what I have per year, I'll just list off what I got. Best sets in bold.

  • Tahu Nuva (first set)
  • Lewa Nuva (second, came with Tahu Nuva)
  • all 6 Bohrok Kal
  • Gahlok Va
  • Turahk
  • Kurahk (Shadow Kraata)
  • Vakama Metru
  • Nuju Metru
  • all 6 Vahki (two Zadakh)
  • Vakama Hordika
  • Keelerak
  • Avak
  • Zaktan
  • Jaller Inika
  • Nuparu Inika
  • Hewkii Inika
  • Vezon and Fenrakk
  • Hahli Mahri
  • Kongu Mahri
  • Lesovikk
  • Toa Ignika
  • Toa Mata Nui (canister)
  • Takanuva 2010.
  • Lewa Master of Jungle
  • Pohatu Master of Stone
  • Gali Master of Water
  • Kopaka Master of Ice
  • Tahu Master of Fire
  • Onua Master of Earth
  • Protector of Earth
  • Protector of Water

Awards I made

External Image The External Image Award
The Swert Award is only presented to heavily-honored members of Wiki-Nui. This particular award has been presented to Swert for being loyal to Wiki-Nui, and earning Toa Swert's respect as an editor.

Reason: Being the BS01 Owner.

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)
External Image The External Image Award
The DX Award is only presented to D-Generates of Wiki-Nui. This particular award has been presented to Swert for being ready with the DX Army, and thinking outside of the box. Now, for the thousands of members... and the millions of viewers without an account... Llllllllet's get ready to EDIIIIIIIIIITTTT!!!!

Reason: Being the BS01 Owner.

And if you're not down with that, we've got two words for ya... SHADOW LEECH!

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)
External Image The External Image Award

The V Award is awarded to Anarchists who defy evil. This award is given to Swert for being loyal to the TRUE Wiki-Nui, and earning Toa V's respect as an editor. Perhaps you will also one day recognize the truth, before it is too late.


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Swert Approved
Approved by Swert.

This Achievement is seriously the hardest thing to earn. I'm serious.

Bionicle Bio

External Image
Class Ba-Matoran
Title/Job Designer
Mask Lt. Blue Ruru
Status Transformed
Pronunciation SHW-EH-RT
External Image
Toa Sectra
Toa Title Toa Sectra of Gravity
Element Gravity
Primary Group Sectra
Location Wiki Nui
Mask Silver Avohkii
Tools Rifle of Gravity
Two Toa Claws
Status Alive
Pronunciation SHW-EH-RT
External Image
Toa Sectra Phantoka
Toa Title Toa Sectra
Phantoka of Gravity
Element Gravity
Primary Group Sectra
Location Wiki Nui
Mask Silver Avohkii
Tools Gravity Fang
Midak Skyblaster
Status Alive
Pronunciation SHW-EH-RT

I have several forms under the various names of Swert, Scohu, Seban and Stavine, including Matoran, Toa, Toa Nuva, Toa Mastra*, Toa Sectra*, Toa Homru*, WindBreather* which is a type of Matoran with teleportation power, and at some point a Turaga.

*Not actual storyline figures, all created by Swert.

Matoran Scohu had a pet Ussal which was named Jopaka. Through one storyline, it was a Sereni, which were Ussals who could transform into Toa-like figures.

I am now currently one of the leaders of the Expanded Multiverse, a fanon project dedicated to a brand new storyline, designed by bonesiii, Takuta-Nui, myself, and YOU! Yes, YOU, especially you JASON! (Your name may or may not be Jason, but I just had to freak out all the Jasons who read this page.) Basically, the fans get to add to the story, and no two storylines can ever truly be the same. More information can be obtained on that topic page.

Real Life

One of the biggest challenges online is telling everyone about yourself. I also find this difficult, so let's get the small stuff done instead.

I have a basic checklist of what my PERSONAL interests and preferences are:

  • I love Coke. I do not like Pepsi as much. Cherry Coke is exceptionally good.
  • I absolutely love PCs over Macs.
  • Just a simple formula. HTML > PHP. There, I said it. But Wiki > HTML > PHP.
  • HHDDVVDDBVD > Red-Ray. Why? More Letters.

I love Rock music. Don't even think of pushing Rap, R&B or Pop on me. Classic Rock fuels my day, specifically soft. Believe it or not, but I am more focused when soft rock is playing than any other time. Pink Floyd is an ideal choice, but I have other favorites. I think the loudest, fastest band I have on my playlist is probably Godsmack or Disturbed. Of my whole playlist, I memorized 100% of it to sing along to. I also have several sports teams I follow, including the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks and the Clover Park (High School) Warriors. The Warriors team varies per sport. Currently I am supporting my Hawks.

The bands I like: Pink Floyd, Metallica, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Godsmack, Daughtry, Disturbed, Guns N' Roses, Eagles, AC/DC, Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Billy Joel, Beatles, Crossfade, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Jethro Tull, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Offspring, Queen, Puddle of Mudd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Staind, Stone Temple Pilots, Styx, Sublime, Tenacious D, Third Eye Blind, Tomorrow's Child and Twitch Galvy, Velvet Revolver, and finally Weezer, The Who, The Guess Who and Shinedown. *WHEW!*

So yeah, that's all me.