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Voya Nui In Zamor Sphere.PNG This user has been a fan of BIONICLE since 2006.
"You are so trusting, so convinced of the purity of Toa. I don’t think Nidhiki even trusts himself. Better keep an eye on him, Lhikan, he’ll come to no good."
— Tuyet, The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet
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Just consider me a cloud.
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Lewa (G1)
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Uxar Creature of Jungle

Hello! I am Wolk, formerly known as WOLKsite. There's not much to know about me...


Note: I do not wish for these to be canon or want them to. They're merely ideas of mine that I think could work.

  • Many of the promotional sets depict puppets used by Turaga and Matoran for story telling. The "Good Guys" represent a protagonist, usually a Matoran, Toa or Mata Nui himself, in stories, while the so-called "Bad Guys" represent antagonists, which could be a lot of things, a Matoran thug, an evil mastermind, a murder, a Rahi, a lazy Matoran, or a metaphorical problem depending on the story being told. The designs are mainly made to represent an archetype rather than an actual species or individual. They were crafted by Matoran travelers who travelled across the Matoran Universe and designed them based on what they had seen.
  • Good Guy is based on a member of Tobduk's species.
  • Bad Guy is based on a member of an unknown species related to Skakdi.
  • Gold Good Guy is based on the late Turaga Lhikan, crafted by an Onu-Matoran in the Prison of the Dark Hunters.
  • Duracell Bad Guy is based on a member of the same species as Bad Guy, named "Braca".
  • Good Guy 07 is based on an unknown being, wearing a Kanohi Rode as a symbol of truth and justice.
  • Bad Guy 07 is based on a species of marine Rahi.
  • Good Guy 2008 is based on an being of an unknown species who had a flight propeller on their back. (HF Rotor? Nah)
  • Bad Guy 2008 is based on a species of Rahi.
  • Kraatu are stone rats and the name literally translates to that. (from Surel-Nuva)
  • Squid Launcher Function depicts a species of crab-like Rahi native to the Southern Continent and the Voya Nui region. When Mahri Nui broke off into the sea, they went down with it. They were later recruited into the army of Carapar, who armed them with Squid Launchers. They now live in the oceans of Aqua Magna.
  • Function 2008 depicts a Zamor Bird, a species of flying Rahi created by the Phantoka Makuta while in Karda Nui, based on the Zamor Launcher. Though the Karda Nui population was wiped out by the energy storm, it is unknown if any members of the Rahi made it out of Karda Nui. They were capable of firing Zamor spheres that caused the target to be paralysed.
  • Green QUICK Bad Guy and Yellow QUICK Bad Guy depict Rahkshi Va of Chain Lightning and Heat Vision, respectively. The Rahkshi Va were a failed experiment to make a form of scout servants for the army of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Though their appearance, powers and names are based of those of Rahkshi, they are actually Rahi. They could not directly access their powers, instead having to use their Rhotuka Launchers.
  • The Exo-Raptors were an experimental vehicle invented by the Nynrah Ghosts on order of Makuta, however were not mass-produced in favor of the Exo-Toa. The Exo-Raptors could seat a Toa or Toa-like being and reach high speeds and perform leaps over 20 Bio. Their legs could easily navigate all terrain. (And I'll call it... the AT-ER! /s)
  • The Bahrag Spider is a unique, one-of-a-kind Rahi created by the Great Beings to guard the substance used to turn Bohrok into Bohrok-Kal. It will defend the substance from anything but the Bahrag. It possesses incredible strength and tough exo-armor, aswell as quick healing abilities. Makuta Teridax once temporarily defeated it when creating Kraata-Kal.
  • Snaptor's species list, from the First Prime Race to "Icelanders."
  • The names of the Barraki species are Ehlekian, Pridakian, Mantaxian, Takadoxian and Kalmanian. (Carapar TBD) The races are named after the six beings that were chosen by Mata Nui to rule the universe.
  • The names for three of the seven unnamed Toa Mangai are Fau (jungle), Tiro (stone) and Marn (earth).

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