Staff of Protodermis

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"Power flashed out from The Shadowed One's staff. A band of crystalline Protodermis appeared around the Vortixx's mouth, gagging him."
— Narrator, Destiny War

Staff of Protodermis
Users The Shadowed One
Function Create crystalline Protodermis
Launch Rhotuka
Status In use

The Staff of Protodermis is a weapon used by the Shadowed One. It can create crystalline Protodermis to surround and encase targets, creating bonds strong enough to hold a Toa.[1] The staff also has a built-in artificial Rhotuka Launcher that fires the Shadowed One's madness spinner.

Example Usage

In Destiny War, the Shadowed One used the Staff to suffocate a Vortixx laborer by covering his face with crystalline Protodermis.

Set Information

The Staff of Protodermis in set form

The Staff of Protodermis can be built as part of the Shadowed One combiner model. It consists of 18 pieces, including a silver Rhotuka spinner.