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"Was it the name Jaller had thought up, or was it the sight of the volcano in the distance that had caused the pressure on her mind to ease ... or was it both? Almost as if in response, she felt a small jolt of pain."
— Narrator, Power Play

Hahli's Organic Great Elda
Title Mask of Detection
Powers Detects hidden beings
Detects the Mask of Life[1]
Component disks Unknown
Bearers Hahli (formerly)
Pronunciation ELL-dah[1]

The Kanohi Elda is the Mask of Detection. It allows its user to see nearby hidden beings, such as a Kanohi Huna user; it also detects the Kanohi Ignika's presence,[1] indicating how near it is through increasingly strong headaches, the Elda always being on at a low level.[TIMPCD][2][3] The only difference between the Great and Noble versions is that the Noble only lets its user see hidden beings. There are few Great Elda because the primary purpose of the masks is to locate the Ignika.

Example Usage

Hahli's Great Elda let her see and hear Matoro's spirit when he had released it in Power Play. She also inadvertently tracked the Kanohi Ignika at the same time, through a series of headaches.



  • Hahli - Formerly; changed into an organic Great version when she became a Toa Inika

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