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"The others knew Pouks was just buying time. His mask was analyzing and copying Miserix's power, but that took a while to do."
— Narrator, Dwellers In Darkness

Mask of Emulation
Title Mask of Emulation
Powers Analyzing and copying a sapient being's power
Bearers Pouks

The Mask of Emulation is a Kanohi that allows its user to replicate any one power of another sapient being for a short time. To replicate a power, the user must see it in use and then wait for the mask to analyze and duplicate it.[1][2] The length of the copying process varies by power.[3] The user accesses the copied power as if it were a mask power. The user cannot copy Rahi powers,[citation needed] other Kanohi powers, or weapon powers.[4] A user of the Mask of Emulation cannot use the mask to copy their own power.[5] If the user deactivates the copied power, they will have to recopy it.[6] The copying time will become progressively shorter with each time the same power is copied until it reaches a point in which the speed of copying cannot become faster.[7]

Example Usage

In Dwellers In Darkness, Pouks attempted to copy Miserix's power of teleportation, only to have the Makuta recognize his efforts and interrupt the process.[1]


Pouks' Mask of Emulation




  • A poll was held on BZPower to name Pouks' mask, based on a selection of possible titles.[15][16] Emulation was the winning title and was then canonized by BIONICLE book author Greg Farshtey.[14] Afterwards, the Mask of Absorption, which was originally part of the fan-based project "Expanded Multiverse" and canonized,[17] and the Mask of Emulation became the same mask.[18]
  • In BIONICLE Ignition 6, the Ta-Matoran wearing the mask is shown to be wearing a Noble Kiril from the front,[19] but this is to be considered an error.


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  1. Although the winning model uses a Kakama variant designed by Galva_Nize, the mask has not been confirmed to be based on a Kakama in the story nor if a variant of the mask like this exists.