Mask of Scavenging

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Mask of Scavenging
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Title Mask of Scavenging
Powers Draining life energy from recently deceased beings
Bearers Icarax (formerly)

The Mask of Scavenging, also known as the Mask of Vulture,[1] is a Kanohi that allows its user to drain the residual life energy from the bodies of any nearby beings that have just died. This makes the user stronger and more able.





  • Toa would consider this mask immoral because they believe it encourages murder.[3][citation needed]
  • The Mask of Scavenging could be used to drain life energy from a being under the effects of the Tryna, but not the Mask of Undeath.[4]
  • The power for this mask was originally part of the fan-based project "Expanded Multiverse" and was later approved for canon by BIONICLE author Greg Farshtey.


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