Mask of Rahi Control

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"Summoning the power of his Mask of Rahi Control, he touched the mind of a massive Rahi dwelling in the Archives not far below. In response, a huge claw smashed its way through the pavement and grabbed Nuparu."
— Narrator, Dwellers In Darkness

Mask of Rahi Control
Title Mask of Rahi Control
Powers Controlling Rahi
Component disks Unknown
Bearers Kualus
Pronunciation rah-HEE

The Mask of Rahi Control is a Kanohi that allows its user to control one or more Rahi simultaneously.[1] Although it can be used on insects, it is not as effective on them as other kinds of Rahi.[1] The mask's power does not work on intelligent Rahi like Krahka and Keetongu.[2]

Example Usage

Kualus used his Mask of Rahi Control to wake up a nearby Rahi in the Archives in Dwellers In Darkness.




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