Cargo Loader

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"This machine is used to load and transport crates of parts and other large items into and out of the warehouse."
— Narrator, Onewa's Toa Metru Mini Promo CD

Cargo Loader
Users Po-Matoran
Function Move cargo
Status Out of use

A Cargo Loader in a Protodermis Warehouse

Cargo Loaders were small vehicles that were used to move freight and do other jobs in Po-Metru.


Cargo Loaders featured two clamps at their front, which could be used to grasp the diamond-shaped storage canisters utilized in the Warehouses. Items too large for the Loaders to handle were often moved on Flatboats using the Protodermis Canal system. Like most transport machines on Metru Nui, Cargo Loaders had no wheels, moving using legs instead.