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"Calling upon its power once more, it forced matter into the shape of a vehicle, something like those the Matoran of Mahri Nui has possessed. This one, of course, would be better than theirs, for the Ignika had brought it into being. (Modesty was not a quality the mask had discovered quite yet.)"
— Narrator, Shadows in the Sky

Manufacturer Kanohi Ignika
Users Toa Ignika
Function Flight
Status Destroyed
Set number 8697

The Skyboard was the vehicle used by Toa Ignika.


The Skyboard's creation

After landing in the Swamp of Secrets, the Kanohi Ignika created a body, a sword, and the Skyboard from the bacteria of the swamp.

The Ignika used it to rise from the murky water and join the Toa Nuva in the sky, who were battling the Makuta. During a battle, he was nearly thrown from the Skyboard by Icarax. He later left Icarax while guarding the captured Makuta and flew to the swamp below on his board, attempting to warn the Toa Nuva of his fatal countdown.[1]

He later joined both the Phantoka and Mistika teams along with Takanuva and flew to the battle for the Codrex, with the eight heroes successfully entering it.[2]

When Toa Ignika sacrificed himself to awaken Mata Nui, the Skyboard was destroyed along with his body.


When the Ignika created the Skyboard, it based it on the vehicles found in Mahri Nui. It was capable of flying at great speeds as well as hovering in a spot without moving. As the board was held together by the mask's will, only Toa Ignika was capable of controlling it. When he sacrificed himself, the Skyboard dissipated along with his body and tools.

Set Information

The Skyboard as a set
Skyboard Set
Toa Ignika

The Skyboard was released as part of the set 8697 Toa Ignika in winter 2008, containing 140 pieces. It features wings that fold in or out from the midsection of the vehicle and stationary landing gear on its underside. Two pins on the top allow the Toa Ignika figure to be attached to the Skyboard.


The Skyboard in use
  • In The Rise of Mata Nui, Toa Ignika is shown power diving into the Codrex while he gives up his physical form for Mata Nui, but in the comic he is shown sacrificing himself while off the Skyboard. In either case, it was destroyed in the sacrifice, as it was tied to the mask's power.


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