Destral Cycle

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"This powerful cycle was originally constructed by Avak for use in exploring the rocky terrain of Odina. It was captured from the Dark Hunters during a battle with Brotherhood of Makuta forces and is now a favorite vehicle of Makuta Antroz. Powered by sound, it can attain incredible speeds and its forward armor is specially reinforced for smashing through the doors (or guards) of enemy fortresses."
LEGO Club Magazine November-December 2008

Destral Cycle
Manufacturer Avak
Users Antroz (formerly)
Function Driving
Status Abandoned[1]
Pronunciation des-TRAHL
Set number 8942 (Alternate) Destral Cycle (instructions)

The Destral Cycle is a wheeled vehicle that was constructed by Avak.


Avak created the cycle to explore the island of Odina, but the Brotherhood of Makuta stole it during a battle. Makuta Antroz eventually acquired it, and it became a favorite of his. When he was assigned by Teridax to attack Karda Nui, he abandoned the vehicle.[1]


The Destral Cycle is powered by sound and can attain incredible speeds. It also has reinforced forward armor to help ram through obstacles.

Set Information

Destral Cycle Set
8942 (Alternate)
Destral Cycle

8942 (Alternate) Destral Cycle can be built using the pieces from 8942 Jetrax T6. A special code was released with the November/December 2008 LEGO Club magazine to be entered into the Kanoka Club or LEGO Club pages and yield the instructions. The 8942 Jetrax T6 (Limited Edition) set can also be built into the Destral Cycle, but the instructions specifically depict the normal version.


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