Defilak's Submarine

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"Defilak's Submarine" is not an official name.
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"It can go down into the black water, explore, and then rise back up to Mahri Nui. You turn a handle inside to make the gear go circle-round and make the ship move, and -"
Defilak, City of the Lost

Defilak's Submarine
Manufacturer Defilak
Users Defilak, Sarda, Idris, Gar (all formerly)
Function Aquatic transport
Status Destroyed

Defilak's Submarine was an undersea vehicle used by a crew led by Defilak once on an ill-fated mission.


The submarine was originally to be used by a former Po-Matoran Council Leader to study underwater geology. He lost interest in deep sea diving after seeing the submarine and never used it. Defilak then became its owner.

The submarine was used by Defilak, Sarda, Idris, and Gar during their expedition of the Black Water. The submarine was attacked by Takea sharks, and sank to the ocean floor. Its passengers were captured and interrogated by Pridak.


The submarine was modeled after a Takea shark. Its body was made out of metallic Protodermis and windows out of crystalline Protodermis. It had Lightstones to act as headlights, two Air Launchers on the sides and a claw grabber on the front. The propulsion was provided by a manually operated rotor on the back.[1]