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"They think they have found a new world. How could they know nothing waits here for them... but death?"
Angonce, The Yesterday Quest

Unique Being
Powers Detection of Toa Power[1]
Resistance to elemental powers[2]
Status Alive
Location Bara Magna[3]
Pronunciation mah-renn-DARR[4][note 1]

Marendar is a living weapon created by the Great Beings to eliminate Toa.


Wary of the threat the Toa could pose to the inhabitants of Spherus Magna if they came into conflict, the Great Beings created a living weapon to hunt down and destroy Toa. They named it Marendar, after an Agori word meaning "salvation."[6] Marendar was placed in a vault beneath Bara Magna[3] to be released if the Toa went rogue.[6]

After 100,000 years, Mata Nui restored Spherus Magna, and dozens of Toa emerged onto the planet. Detecting an influx of Toa Power, Marendar activated and smashed through the wall of its vault.[6]

Abilities and Traits

Marendar is a sapient,[7] humanoid,[8] biomechanical being.[9][10] It is somewhat bigger than a Toa or a Glatorian.[10]

Marendar tracks Toa by detecting their Toa Power[1] and has a natural resistance to elemental powers.[2] The Great Beings believed that no Toa Team could stand against it.[6]




Story Serials


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