Air Sword

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This article is about Toa Lesovikk's weapon. You may be looking for Lewa Nuva's Toa Tool.
Air Sword
Users Lesovikk (formerly)
Velika (formerly)
Function Channeling his Air powers
Melee combat
Status Discarded[1]

Lesovikk wielding the Air Sword

The Air Sword[2] was Toa Lesovikk's Toa Tool. It could be used to channel his power of Air, or for melee combat.

On Spherus Magna, Velika defeated Lesovikk and stole the Air Sword.[3] The sword was left near Karzahni's corpse in the Iron Canyon as evidence that Lesovikk murdered the tyrant.[1]

Example Usage

In Dreams of Destruction, Lesovikk used the Air Sword to unleash a blast of air on Karzahni to break his concentration.

Set Information

The Air Sword was released in summer 2007 in 8939 Lesovikk. Its upper and lower tips were made of a soft, rubbery plastic.


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