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"Chiara had a reputation as a loner, unusual in a Toa of Lightning. But she didn’t really need a team."
— Narrator, The Yesterday Quest


Kanohi Volitak[1]
Status Transformed
Pronunciation KEE-ah-RAH[2]

Toa of Lightning
Kanohi Great Volitak[3]
Tools Spear[4]
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation KEE-ah-RAH[2]

Chiara is a Toa of Lightning chosen to participate in a mission to seek out the Great Beings.


Chiara was once a Vo-Matoran, and eventually transformed into a Toa,[5] though she traveled alone.

During a Visorak invasion, she snuck into their camp and electrified their Colony Drones. As a result, whenever the Visorak came to harvest the Colony Drone's energies, they were jolted with electricity. This caused the Visorak to scatter and locate a new food source, giving Chiara the opportunity to hunt down and kill at least fifty of the spiders.[6]

Teridax's Reign

After Teridax had taken over the Matoran Universe, Chiara joined other Toa in fighting his tyrannical rule. She exited the Great Spirit Robot after being recruited by Toa Nuva Tahu, in order to participate in the Battle of Bara Magna.[7] The Toa eventually triumphed over Teridax's forces. Teridax himself was killed by Mata Nui, and the planet of Spherus Magna was reformed.[8]

Spherus Magna

Onua, Tahu, and Gali later recruited Chiara, as well as Orde and Zaria, to find the Great Beings in order to honor Mata Nui's wish. Onua began to explain the mission, but Orde read his mind and finished the mission statement for him, annoying Chiara, who responded by electrifying his seat. The two were stopped from fighting by Zaria, who knocked her to the ground. When Chiara and Orde mentioned they would be unable to navigate the terrain, Gelu came forth, and it was revealed that he would be their guide on the journey. Gelu and Orde clashed over the Toa's use of his elemental power but were interrupted by Chiara, who shot a lighting bolt at them.[6]

Along the way, Chiara asked Orde why he was not female, as all other Toa of Psionics were. Orde told to her about his history, and how his brash actions had resulted in all other Ce-Matoran and Toa of Psionics being female. The group soon fell into a trap set by a Vorox tribe from Bota Magna. Chiara freed them from the net they were caught in, but the Vorox used their weaponry to knock her unconscious, and the group was taken into captivity.[9]

Chiara, Zaria, Orde, and Gelu were escorted to the edge of the woods, where the Vorox released them, intending to hunt them down. Zaria came up with a plan to ambush the Vorox, and he hid with Chiara while Orde and Gelu drew the hunting party to them. However, Kabrua revealed that he had a way to shut their powers off, foiling their plan. Two Vorox stayed behind with their power-dampener to ensure Chiara and Zaria were unable to use their powers, while Kabrua and the rest of the party continued pursuing Orde and Gelu.[10]

Abilities and Traits

As a Toa of Lightning, Chiara possesses the ability to create, control, and absorb electrical energy, as well as projecting images made out of lightning.[6]

Chiara has a reputation for being a loner, an unusual trait for a Toa of Lightning, preferring to work alone rather than operate in a team dynamic.[6] She is also known for being insistent, and will not let her curiosity go unsatisfied.[9] At times, she displays an atypically callous or violent attitude towards animal life for a Toa. [6][9]

Mask and Tools

Chiara wears a Kanohi Volitak, which allows her to move almost unseen and completely unheard.[3] She wielded a spear, although it has been confiscated by the Vorox.[4][10]



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