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"Courage is the Principle of Ta-Koro! It derives from the Virtue Mata Nui bestowed on us."
Aft, The Final Chronicle


Aspect of Society
Location Mata Nui
Purpose Belief system
Effects Maintained morale during war, tied in with kolhii

The Matoran of the island of Mata Nui developed the Principles from the Three Virtues, Unity, Duty and Destiny, during the Great War to help them get through those times.[1] When they returned to Metru Nui, this belief system was mostly abandoned.[citation needed]

Each Koro had their own Principle, and from each one they derived a kolhii skill. Six crystals based on the Principles were each kept in a temple near the corresponding Koro, and Charms used to represent the Principles, kolhii skills, and Virtues were crafted to function as keys to these temples.[1]

In addition, each Principle had an Enemy, the negative quality inverse to the positive Principle.[1] When the Kanohi Avohkii was discovered in Ta-Wahi, Makuta Teridax chose six Rahkshi whose powers embodied these Enemies for his assault on Mata Nui.[2][3]

Principles of the Koro

Ta-Koro: The Principle of Courage, derived from Duty. It granted the skill of Strength, and its enemy was Fear.[4]

Ga-Koro: The Principle of Purity, derived from Unity. It granted the skill of Speed, and its enemy was Poison.[5]

Le-Koro: The Principle of Faith, derived from the combination of Unity and Duty. It granted the skill of Accuracy, and its enemy was Fragmentation.[6]

Po-Koro: The Principle of Creation, derived from the combination of Unity and Destiny. It granted the skill of Strategy, and its enemy was Disintegration.[7]

Onu-Koro: The Principle of Prosperity, derived from the combination of Duty and Destiny. It granted the skill of Stamina, and its enemy was Hunger.[8]

Ko-Koro: The Principle of Peace, derived from Destiny. It granted the skill of Willpower, and its enemy was Anger.[9]