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"Interesting. The power is in me. The sword is but the focus."
Toa Mata Kopaka, The Coming of the Toa

Toa Tools
MoL Tahu Nuva Magma Sword.PNG
Tahu Nuva using his Magma Swords
Users Toa
Function Focus Elemental Powers
Melee combat
Status In use
Location Scattered across the Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna
Pronunciation TOE-ah

Toa Tools are weapons carried by Toa in order to help them focus their Elemental Powers.


The Toa Hordika using their Combat Staffs

Many of the first Toa Tools were made by Artakha and his Matoran laborers. A stockpile of Toa Tools was placed in the Great Temple's Toa Suva. Upon being transformed into Toa, the Toa Metru discovered these tools, and claimed them as their own.

Matoran living in the realm of Karzahni constructed six Toa Canisters, and placed a weapon inside each of them. Jaller and his team, who commandeered these canisters to escape the realm, later claimed these weapons as their own after being transformed into Toa Inika.[citation needed] The same energy that transformed the Matoran also super charged the weapons with energy. These tools were later transformed by the Kanohi Ignika, and one was abandoned by Kongu in exchange for a second Cordak Blaster.


Toa Tools are used for both offensive and defensive purposes. A Toa usually wields one Toa Tool, though some are known to carry multiple tools in order to effectively carry out their duty. They are used primarily to concentrate and channel a Toa's Elemental Powers. Toa can also use the weapons for melee or physical combat. Toa Tools are usually personally designed for a certain Toa's use, though Toa are able to use nearly any object in order to channel their power.[1][2]

Some tools have additional functions, such as Tahu Nuva's Magma Swords, or Toa Metru Vakama's Kanoka Launcher, often also serving as modes of transportation. The spears of the Toa Hagah each have an additional power, manifested in a greater concentration of the wielder's elemental affiliation.[citation needed] Takanuva's Power Lance also has a similar function, being capable of amplifying attacks channeled through it. The weapons of the Toa Inika were charged with energy. The Toa Hordika's weapons had an additional power, one which they lost when they returned to their original forms: the ability not only to charge up their Rhotuka spinners, but to also charge other objects (i.e. a gate) with Elemental Powers.

Toa Tools often mutate or change with their user; for example, when the Toa Hagah were mutated into Rahaga, their spears became smaller, less powerful staffs, but later returned to their original forms when their owners did so. If a Matoran transforms into a Toa while holding a tool, it too will transform with them into a weapon that they may choose to use as their Toa Tool, such as in the case of Takua who was holding a Kolhii Stick, which became the Staff of Light. Similarly, if a Toa transforms into a Turaga while holding their Toa Tool, it may become a smaller variation of that tool which is commonly used as a Badge of Office, as in the case of Turaga Whenua.

Toa Tools can also be magnetically stored on a Toa's back.[3]

Other Toa Tools

Toa Nikila's trident

The following are tools which have been only briefly described or mentioned:

  • Tri-Claw - Savage's Toa Tool after he was mutated by Hordika Venom, which can liquefy solid matter.[4]
  • A pair of blades Toa Varian wielded on her elbows.[5]
  • A weapon stolen from the Toa of Sonics by Triglax whom the Dark Hunters had killed and he impersonated.[5]
  • A spiked protosteel mace and shield carried by Toa Helryx[6][7]
  • A mace carried by Toa Orde; confiscated by the Vorox.[8][9]
  • A spear carried by Toa Chiara; confiscated by the Vorox.[8][9]
  • A staff carried by Toa Zaria; confiscated by the Vorox.[8][9]
  • A trident formerly used by Toa Nikila.[10]
  • A flail formerly used by a Toa at the Toa Fortress that was attacked by Frostelus.
  • A mace formerly used by another Toa at the Toa Fortress that was attacked by Frostelus.[11]
  • An axe that can absorb and hurl back elemental energy; looted by the Dark Hunter Charger from a Toa.[4]
  • A melee weapon discarded by Toa Mahri Kongu and replaced by a second Cordak Blaster.
  • A weapon acquired by Toa Mahri Kongu in Metru Nui.[12]
  • A sword carried by Tuyet.[8]


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