Quake Breakers

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Quake Breakers
CGI Quake Breaker.png
Manufacturer Energized Protodermis
Users Toa Nuva Onua
Function Channeling his Earth powers
Using as treads
Melee combat
Status Out of use

The Quake Breakers were Toa Nuva Onua's twin Toa Tools. They could dig and be attached to his feet as all-terrain treads. They could also be used to channel his Earth powers.

Toa Nuva Onua holding the Quake Breakers

Onua has abandoned them now that he has his Adaptive Armor, and has replaced them with the Multi-Resistant Shield.

Example Usage

Onua drilled through the walls of a cave and released a lava flow into the cave during a fight against two Manas in order to use the heat to attract the Kofo-Jaga, which consequently attacked the Manas in Tales of the Masks and allowed Onua to retrieve a Kaukau Nuva and escape.

Set Information

Two Quake Breakers were included with the Onua Nuva set in 2002.

The LEGO Group produced life-sized foam versions of the Quake Breakers, which were sold at certain LEGO kiosks alongside life-sized Fire Swords and Magma Swords.

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