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"We're Toa. Don't we always win in the end?"
Toa Nikila (in a vision), Dreams of Destruction


Occupation Unknown
Kanohi Mask of Possibilities[1]
Tools Unknown
Status Transformed into a Toa
Pronunciation nih-KEE-lah[2]

Toa Nikila.png
Toa of Lightning
Affiliation Toa Cordak
Kanohi Great Mask of Possibilities
Tools Trident
Status Deceased[3]
Pronunciation nih-KEE-lah[2]

Nikila was a Toa of Lightning in the Toa Cordak and Lesovikk's best friend among them.


Shortly before the Toa Mata were awakened, Lesovikk, Nikila, and six other Toa banded together to form the first Toa team. They protected their home island from external threats, as well as assisting the Matoran in their day-to-day tasks. While Lesovikk served as leader overall, Nikila's tactical and strategic prowess led to her becoming the team's lead strategist.[4] She and Lesovikk grew to be close friends over the course of their hardships.[5]

One day, while patrolling an area outside their homeland, the team encountered a band of Zyglak. Lesovikk failed to react in time, and the Zyglak slaughtered Nikila and the rest of the team[6] using their disintegrator spears. This fate prevented her revival aboard the Red Star.[3]

Lesovikk's Vision

When Lesovikk attempted an ambush on Karzahni, the insane ruler used his Kanohi Olisi to show Lesovikk a vision of the day Nikila and his other teammates had battled against the Zyglak, which had accidentally been replaced by a sentient acid cloud instead. In the vision, however, Lesovikk managed to react in time, and saved his team. Enthralled by seeing them again, he completely forgot about Karzahni and Mahri Nui.[5]

Though only minutes passed in reality, Lesovikk spent many years within the illusion with his comrades. However, when Nikila mentioned going on patrol to battle Zyglak, Lesovikk remembered that his team had died battling from Zyglak, not an acid cloud. As a result, he saw through the illusion and the vision, including Nikila, dissipated.[6]

Abilities and Traits

As a Toa of Lightning, Nikila possessed the ability create, absorb, and control electrical energy.

While Lesovikk was the overall leader of his team, Nikila was the tactical leader, having a knack for plans and strategies.[4]

Mask and Tools

Nikila wore the Great Kanohi Mask of Possibilities,[6] which allowed her to alter the probabilities of different situations.[7] She also carried a trident, which channeled her Lightning powers.[6]


"Zyglak. You were killed by Zyglak."
"What? Those losers kill me? Not on their best day."
— Lesovikk and Nikila (in a vision), Dreams of Destruction


  • Prior to the introduction of Nikila, Lightning was thought to be a power, not an Element. Once she was introduced, Lightning officially became an element. Her introduction also confirmed the existence of female Toa outside of the Water and Light Elements.
  • The appearance of Nikila was drawn by BZPower member Vrahno, for the KanohiJournal Storyline Contest #4: Nikila Artwork. It came in first place, and was accepted into the official canon.



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