Hordika Teeth

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Hordika Teeth
Manufacturer Hordika Venom
Users Toa Hordika Nuju
Function Charging up Rhotuka
Summoning flying Rahi
Melee combat
Status Transformed
Pronunciation hoar-DEE-kah

The Hordika Teeth were Toa Hordika Nuju's mutated Crystal Spikes. By being rubbed together, they were able to create an ultrasonic hum that could summon flying Rahi, and Nuju could also use them to charge his Ice Rhotuka. Additionally, they could also be used to climb Knowledge Towers, or function as a melee weapon.[1]

Example Usage

In Shadow Play, Nuju used his Hordika Teeth to charge a Rhotuka.

Set Information

The Hordika Teeth were released as a piece in the Nuju Hordika canister set in 2005. The base of the tool was made of hard white plastic, while the end was made of softer, more rubbery translucent light blue plastic.


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