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"Who are you? Speak or face the power of my Seismic Spear."
— Alternate Toa Bomonga to Takanuva, Dark Mirror

Toa Hagah Spears
Comic Lava Spear.PNG
Toa Norik's Lava Spear
Users Toa Hagah
Function Melee combat
Channeling their Elemental Power
Various individual powers
Status In use

The Toa Hagah Spears were specialized Toa Tools used by the Toa Hagah. The Hagah received them along with metallic armor as part of their elite status.[1] Like all Toa weapons, they could be used for melee combat and channeling their Toa's Elemental Powers, but each spear also had an additional power.

When the Hagah were mutated by Roodaka into the Rahaga, these tools were transformed into smaller staffs with different powers.[1][2][3] They were restored to their original forms when Roodaka reversed the mutations.[4][5]

List of Spears

Name Picture User Function Notes
Avalanche Spear Avalanche Spear.jpg Toa Hagah Pouks Melee combat
Channeling his Stone powers
Unknown second power
Cyclone Spear Set Cyclone Spear.png Toa Hagah Iruini Melee combat
Channeling his Air powers
Cyclone blast
Use of second power weakens Iruini, necessitating he activate it sparingly[6]
Lava Spear Set Lava Spear.png Toa Hagah Norik Melee combat
Channeling his Fire powers
Lava blast
Can also remove all of heat from an object instantly, or superheat it to the point of melting[7]
Seismic Spear Seismic Spear.jpg Toa Hagah Bomonga Melee combat
Channeling his Earth powers
Unknown second power
Sub-Zero Spear Sub-Zero Spear.jpg Toa Hagah Kualus Melee combat
Channeling his Ice powers
Unknown second power
Tidal Spear Tidal Spear.jpg Toa Hagah Gaaki Melee combat
Channeling her Water powers
Unknown second power

Example Usage

In Dark Mirror, an alternate Kualus used his Sub-Zero Spear to blast ice at the core timeline's Takanuva.[8]

Set Information

The Cyclone Spear and the Lava Spear were inlcuded in 8762 Toa Iruini and 8763 Toa Norik respectively as they were the only Toa Hagah released as sets in their Toa forms. Each spear consists of four pieces: a spearhead, two rods connected by the Toa's hand, and a connector to attach the spearhead to one rod.

The inspirational models for the Tidal Spear, the Sub-Zero Spear, the Avalanche Spear, and the Seismic Spears were built by Doni, SubParFauxPas, Kodiak, and TheUnderscoredDouble respectively. The former three were built similarly to the Cyclone Spear and the Lava Spear, each consisting of four pieces, while the Seismic Spear consists of ten.


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