Air Katana

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Air Katana
Manufacturer Energized Protodermis
Users Toa Nuva Lewa
Toa Nuva Kaita Wairuha
Function Channeling his Air powers
Slicing through plant life[1]
Melee combat
Status Out of use

An Air Katana as seen in Mask of Light
Lewa using an Air Katana to blast a Shadow Kraata

The Air Katana were Toa Nuva Lewa's initial Toa Tools. He could hold them up to his sides as glider wings, use them as melee weapons, or channel his Air powers through them.

The Air Katana were also used by Toa Nuva Kaita Wairuha, who held them in his right hand.

While the Toa Nuva were on Voya Nui searching for the Kanohi Ignika, Reidak snapped one of Lewa's Air Katana in half over his knee during their skirmish. The other was confiscated by the Piraka after Lewa was knocked unconscious and put in the Piraka Stronghold. Lewa was later able to retrieve the stolen Air Katana when the Stronghold was raided. After the Matoran Resistance had rescued the Toa Nuva, Velika offered to make Lewa a new Katana.

After receiving Adaptive Armor, Lewa exchanged the Air Katana for his Air Saber.

Example Usage

In a battle against the Rahkshi seen in At Last --Takanuva, Lewa used his Air Katana to create a miniature cyclone to disarm a Kurahk.

In Mask of Light, Lewa saved Takua and Pewku from Rahkshi and flew them to safety using his Air Katana as glider wings.

Set Information

Two identical Air Katana pieces were released with the 8567 Lewa Nuva set in 2002.

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