Multi-Resistant Shield

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Multi-Resistant Shield
Manufacturer Artakha
Users Toa Nuva Onua
Function Channeling his Earth powers
Status In use

Onua Nuva wearing the Shield on his left shoulder

The Multi-Resistant Shield[2] was an adaptation to one of Toa Nuva Onua's Protosteel Toa Tools. The shield was usually attached to his left shoulder, but could also be unclipped and used in alternative ways, such as a shovel for digging.[1] The adaptive weapon was given to Onua along with a set of Adaptive Armor, and could be used to channel his Elemental Powers.

Example usage

Onua Nuva used his Multi-Resistant Shield as a shovel to dig through Karda Nui's swamp in Swamp of Secrets.[1]

Set Information

The Multi-Resistant Shield was released in summer 2008 with the Onua Nuva Mistika set.


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