Protosteel Talons

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Protosteel Talons
Comic Protosteel Talons.png
Manufacturer Kanohi Ignika
Users Hahli
Function Channeling her Water powers
Grasping tool
Melee combat
Status In use
Pronunciation Pro-toe-steel

The Protosteel Talons, also known as the Steel Talons,[Bios] are Toa Mahri Hahli's Protosteel Toa Tools. The Talons resulted from the transformation of her Laser Harpoon by the Kanohi Ignika. They can be used as a melee weapon,[Toa Chamber] a very large grasping tool,[BTM][CTM] or to channel Hahli's Elemental Water powers.[Toa Chamber]

Example Usage

In Downfall, Hahli slashed her Protosteel Talons at Hakann to drive him back.

Set Information

The Protosteel Talons in set form

The Protosteel Talons were released in the Toa Mahri Hahli set in summer 2007.

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