Rotating Fire Blades

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Rotating Fire Blades
Manufacturer Artakha
Users Toa Nuva Tahu
Function Channeling his Fire powers
Melee combat
Status Shapeshifted

Tahu channeling his Fire powers through his Rotating Fire Blades
The set form of the Rotating Fire Blades

The Rotating Fire Blades[1] were a form of Toa Nuva Tahu's adaptive Protosteel Toa Tool, which Artakha gave him to complement his Adaptive Armor. The blades were a defensive and an offensive tool that could rotate at a high speed[2] and channel Tahu's Elemental Powers.

Tahu's adaptive weapon changed to resemble his original Fire Sword after he was devolved back to a Toa Mata.[3]

Example Usage

Tahu channeled his Fire powers from the tips of the blades to create a signal flare in Swamp of Shadows.

Set Information

The Rotating Fire Blades were released in mid-2008 in the Tahu Nuva Mistika set. The weapon is comprised of six pieces and is capable of rotating.


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