Climbing Chain

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Climbing Chain
Users Hewkii
Function Channeling Stone powers
Status Transformed

The Climbing Chain in the Comics

The Climbing Chain was a tool used by Toa Inika Hewkii. It could, among other things, be used for rock-climbing.[1] It could also be used to channel Hewkii's Stone powers. The chain was attached to the bottom of Hewkii's Laser Axe. It was transformed into his Electrified Chains when he became a Toa Mahri.

Set Information

The Climbing Chain was released in 2006 along with the Toa Hewkii set. It consisted of fifteen chain link pieces and was attached to the set at both ends: one end attached to the Laser Axe, while the other was attached by a pin to the armor on Hewkii's back.


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