Kolhii Skills

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"To be great at Kolhii, you need to improve all six of your skills. It is rumored that masters can be found in the wildernesses of Mata Nui, but I don’t know where. If you find them, maybe they can teach you."
Macku, The Final Chronicle

Kolhii Skills

Aspect of Society
Location Mata Nui
Purpose Belief system
Effects Helped deeply ingrain the sport of kolhii into Matoran culture
Pronunciation KOAL-lee

The Matoran of the island of Mata Nui believed that the philosophy they had developed for use in their everyday lives known as Principles granted them certain improved abilities on and off the kolhii field, and eventually came to be known as kolhii skills. The participants of the kolhii tournament were required to train in all of these skills to become better athletes. The Ga-Matoran Hahli made a thorough study of each in her travels of the island, and became such an accomplished player that she and Macku won the Championship match in Ta-Koro.

Each Koro had their own Skill that defined them, which was improved and trained in unique ways depending on the village. Some Matoran also carved Charms out of stone to represent the skills they learned visually.

Skills of the Koro

Ta-Koro: The Skill of Strength, derived from Courage. It is developed with help from the Ta-Matoran Keahi, hitting support columns with kolhii balls.

Ga-Koro: The Skill of Speed, derived from Purity. It is developed by chasing after and capturing a Takea Shark.

Le-Koro: The Skill of Accuracy, derived from Faith. It is developed with help from the Le-Matoran Tamaru, striking flying robotic contraptions with Disks.

Po-Koro: The Skill of Strategy, derived from Creation. It is developed with help from the Po-Matoran Golyo, herding Mahi.

Onu-Koro: The Skill of Stamina, derived from Prosperity. It is developed with help from the Onu-Matoran Taipu, carrying rocks.

Ko-Koro: The Skill of Willpower, derived from Peace. It is developed with help from the Ko-Matoran Kantai, balancing on his Ice Pole.



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